Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sunwatch, 2011

Sunwatch Flute and Art Festival 2011 is now one for the books.  I wanted to write about my work in the studio before the event, the projects that I felt needed to be finished before going to the gathering.  I wanted to share how much effort it is to go and set up a booth to do a three day show.  Trying to remember everything from chairs to ink pens. 

Linda, Leonard, and Cynthia 2011
Now it is over and all I can remember..... my friends who gathered at Sunwatch.  I am deep in the journey of a major withdrawal.  Three days of sharing space with other vendors who are my friends.  Three days of hearing the sweet sound of flute music drifting through the air.  Three days of shared hugs and smiles and stories and love.  Three days is not enough and yet I could do no more.  I am still trying to recover from all the emotional energy and spirit that was found in this little center of the world.

My heart longs to spend more time with our friend Leonard.  His journey with cancer has effected us all.  We came together this weekend to surround him with our love and support.  All the while he comforted us with his love and wise words.  Our hearts were one as we joined one another, we all felt it and we all want to have more and we all want give more. 

On Sunday we had to take down our booths, we had to go back to our lives and yet we are forever changed.  Our hearts have been expanded with love, we will never have these precious moments back.  I am so happy we were all there to share this moment in time and to share our hearts.  Sometimes the struggles are what pulls us together, making us stronger, giving us the hope and the faith we need to continue.

Our journeys will persevere, we have done our best, loved to the fullest and that is all we can do.  Until our paths cross again, I send my love to my flute friends who gathered at Sunwatch in 2011.