Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trying To Stay Focused

I long to attack my endless list of "things to get done".  There is always so much to do.  Sometimes I am unable to do something planned because of all the never ending rain we have had.  Our yard is taller than ever, as the rain encourages it to grow.  The moment it looks dry enough I will begin mowing, finding a trail of muddy mower tracks following me.  Do I stop and wait for it to dry or just swim on through? 

I can't seem to focus on anything to any great degree.  I discover myself trying to hang a picture, in looking for the proper hanger in the cabinet, I find myself cleaning out the cabinet and forgetting why I was there in the first place.  Picture still not hung and the day is over.  And besides I don't remember seeing any picture hangers or maybe I would have remembered the picture and stopped the cabinet cleaning.  Who knows if I'd every have gotten back to cleaning the cabinet. 

The Great Wall Project......

I have painted a wall in a bedroom that is rarely used.  It seemed to fulfill a creative void I've had recently.  I am expecting company soon and this would freshen up the room a little.  Everyone who knows me thinks I am not all together sane, starting a project in the middle of "cleaning house".   It is not uncommon for me to do some big art project when there is so much else to do.  This project was one of those things I've thought about doing since my daughter still called it her bedroom.  For some reason it never got done.  Until last week that is. 

You see, I have company coming and yes they are, to my delight, staying with us for the weekend.  Painting the wall in the bedroom is just something to help me pass the time before the visit.  Something to keep me busy and distracted from the emotional excitement that I am feeling about the visit.  I can't seem to concentrate on any one thing too long and since this project requires layers of paint, that means some down time to let it dry.  Just what I need to keep my brain engaged on a project. 

The funny part is, it doesn't end here, now I need to dress up the beds a little......  and one project leads into the next and before long, several days have passed and I am that much closer to spending the weekend with company.  As I write this I am aware that in a week and one day my new found brother and his wife will be here for a visit.  My heart races and my smile is ear to ear.  Oh dear, I better go and check that list again! 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Fragile Backyard Eco-System

Little pond 2009
I am in a quandary now that spring has come.  I have some issues that need my attention and very quickly.  I can't seem to make up my mind how to handle the effects of our little Eco-system in the back yard.  

Last winter my little pond where my twenty year old goldfish have lived, was damaged when a large fallen branch punctured a hole in the liner.  I took the pump out and caught the fish and moved them to the horse tank for the winter.  Due to the constant rain, I have been unable to put in a new liner and the fish have been happy enough in the horse tank.  Until yesterday........  disaster came with warmer temperatures, my big beautiful fish suffered from the warmer water and of the 8 fish, I lost four.  In a panic to save the other four, they were quickly immersed in cold water and I am happy to say, those four, are doing fine this morning.  I have two little fish and two twenty year olds left. 

frog pond 2011
I know I must get the pond back in working order.  When I came back to the house after the fish crisis, I go to the partially filled pond and two frogs jump into the water.  That is when I realize that they have made the pond their home and probably have little tadpoles swimming around in that large greenish puddle of a water.  Taking out the liner of the pond requires everything to be out, plants, frogs and whatever else might be living there.

The question I have, can I destroy one Eco-system to accommodate another system.  The fish need fresher clean water with a pump to circulate the water to keep the oxygen levels good and frogs like quiet, less clean water to call home.  I am trying to figure out a way to keep my goldfish happy in cool and in clean water. I also want to allow the frogs to grow and live at my back door.

It is hard for me to decide one over another, I pray for an answer, stay tuned...........

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!
Here we are again, it's Mothers Day......    I think everyday for me is Mothers Day, my wonderful children are in constant contact, I would most certainly say that I am blessed and I love them so much.

I decided to go back and read last years blog, it seems I only just wrote it, I remember the day like it happened yesterday and I am smiling and in tears at the same time.  I wrote about my horses and Ryan and his family coming down and helping to groom them as a Mothers Day gift.  Two of those special horses have found greener pastures, where spring is everyday and grass is always green.  I also wrote about my daughter's, Trisha and Emily giving me the gift of a "cleaning fairy", she comes monthly now, woohoo!

I am again surprised at how quickly life can change in only a year.  I am reminded to live each moment to the fullest.  Follow your heart, live your dreams, be joyous, find a reason to smile and share your love.  Each moment counts and each is a blessing.  In this past year there have been losses that rocked my world and in this year there have been discoveries that have been life changing

My life changing discoveries are overwhelmingly wonderful, my heart is overflowing.  I welcome into my life three brothers and their families, nieces and nephews, cousins and second cousins.  A part of my family has been kept hidden my entire life, to sudden know of them is the one most amazing things that may have every happened to me.  

So, I spend this Mother's Day sending love to all my family.  Love to my children, grandchildren and my brothers and sister and a special prayer to my youngest brother in Afghanistan, flying a Black Hawk Helicopter.  Be safe little brother.   They are all in my heart today. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Joyful Flowers

Oh my, I do it every year and by August I am questioning my sanity.  Today I bought flowers.  Not for anyone but myself!  I love the bright colors the flower bring into my life.  The red and white inpatients are so pretty in their beautiful blue flower pots.  They do so well on my shaded porch. 
I am also attracted to the plants that require full sun, even though I don't have full sun, I still buy geraniums!  I found some today that were marked down at Lowe's, I don't know why they were reduced, they'll be wonderful potted up around our gardens. 

I also bought some Boston Ferns, I love seeing them hanging from the studio porch, they just "say" summer.  Of course, I also had to buy a couple of fuchsias, the hummingbirds love them and they are so pretty with their long graceful stems and pretty bright pink blooms, blowing with the spring breezes.

After being in Florida, I'm so ready for spring sunshine and warmer days.  So far it is just wishful thinking!  We are going to have possible showers for the next entire week!  Our yard is a swamp, I don't dare mow, I can't possibly work in the flower beds, ahhhh but I have flowers I can pot up for immediate enjoyment!   

PS..... Remind me in August, when I'm dragging the hose around watering pots of flowers, how much I loved them in the spring!