Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"I Spy".........

I think I'm normal, although there has been some talk from the children that could cause me to question, "what is normal?".

Some new Bluebird boxes
This morning I'm enjoying my coffee at the back of the house, watching birds is a great form of entertainment from this vantage point.  I watch the garden whirly-gigs spin in the wind.  The sun is shinning and I'm trying to decide how to spend my day.

I have fourteen more bluebird boxes to put around the old horse pasture, finding enough fence posts without purchasing more is a challenge.  The sun is shining and the wind in my face would feel really good today.  I have been missing the fresh air and sunshine.  It is still January so I should take advantage of the day.

As I ponder the possibilities and watch the birds, I'm a little distracted by the blue bottles that sit on my window sills.  Blue IS my favorite color after all.  These bottles are so pretty with the light coming through them, it is my stain glass window.  I took a photo, because it looked so nice and upon looking at the picture I realize my window looks like a picture in an "I SPY" book.   I have often thought of setting up photo groupings and then playing "I spy" with my own groupings.  I think that would be fun to do with my grand kids. 

Stain Glass Window
(or I SPY Photo)
So........  this little photo started me thinking of groupings, a blog and maybe even creating my own little I spy book and printing it out in photobook on line........  OMG!  It would be the perfect way to have a photo record of the stuff I've collected.

Oh no.........  I may not get to the bluebird boxes today, my ideas are now swimming around in my head, making me a little dizzy............
Now you know why my children give me a hard time about my state of "normal".