Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Stars and Moon Aligned

Super Moon, May 5, 2012.......
Well, it seems that stars are aligned and the "super moon" is causing people to do things that they might not consider under normal conditions.  It has different effects on each of us, it becomes important when know the profound effect on us personally and go with the flow.

As the moon started rounding out and getting brighter with each night that passed this last week, I knew it was a of sign powers beyond, helping to pull us along a path.  Our little demo ride on the Harley Trike made the light shine brighter and knew we had to just go for one more test ride!

It was a last minute decision, to try the Trike out again on Wednesday night.  Ryan met us there on his bike and we went for a nice long ride in the country.  The feelings I had were ones of freedom, living the moment, drinking in the world around me and being outside in nature.   I didn't know how much I missed that feeling, it is much like riding a horse down a wooded trail.  An adventure with different perspective from riding inside a car.  No one ever told me what it felt like, no one ever expressed why they liked to ride their bikes.  Now I understand and am totally addicted!

Before our ride we walked into the Harley dealership and saw the same fellow we'd talked to the day of the demo ride.  Of course Richard knew him, he'd been in shop class when Richard was an Ag teacher.  As we chatted he said, "Did you see the "used" trike we just got in today?"  We hadn't and he took us in the showroom where it was on display.  He said the guy bought it a week ago and decided he didn't like it.  The Trike only had 44 miles on it!  We found out that Harley Trikes are in high demand and to find a used one is very rare!  And to find one that is my favorite color, blue...........  well, I knew the stars were in alignment! 

goin' for a ride...
Decisions like this are usually lingered over for awhile, the pro and cons considered.  We had talked for awhile before we ever test rode one.  We were both excited about the possibility of spending time together, sharing a common interest.  After 43 years of marriage we found hobbies and interests that keep us busy and happy, also took us in different directions.  It wasn't that we didn't come together again, we did have our family times with the children and grandchildren, we just didn't have as much together time.  Plus, it is very relaxing, Richard doesn't take time to relax very often, he always finds work that needs done.  A trike would change all of that. 

So we made the plunge and joined the world of Harley Davidson owners.  We have a "used" blue HD Trike in our barn.  Our first night out we were initiated by rain, we'll be getting some rainwear soon!   I just can't wait for Richard to come home and we can go for a ride again.  Just too much fun!!!  I love when the stars and moon are aligned and we are showered with it's blessings!