Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year, 2015

We are well into the new year, 2015.  I don't make resolutions, I can never keep them, long gone by the middle of January, which is where I am today.

At Christmas (2014) my wonderful husband gave me a gift that I'd ask for and I have found that it is keeping me more accountable, which is often why I can't keep resolutions.  It is a wristband that tracks my steps, exercise, sleeping and such.  My goal this year is to put more steps into my days.  With my artist lifestyle I do a lot of sitting and working on the latest project, loosing track of time and movement.  With my new knees walking is not as difficult as it once was, now I'm just lazy I think.  I also purchased a used elliptical machine, I do love this machine, covers those cold snowy days that I'm not going outside to walk, it's easier on these old joints and it also records my time.  So these two things are keeping me on track this year.

So much for the practical part of all of this.  Now I want to talk about the sleep records that my wristband keeps.  I'm so fascinated by the records of my sleep habits.  It records when I went to bed, how long it takes me to get to sleep, how often I move, how often I'm awake and how long I sleep and the percent of "good sleep" I had each night.  It is amazing to look at the graph and study the night and relate it to how I feel in the morning!

So last night I slept seven hours and forty-three minutes, it took me seven minutes to fall asleep.  I had a 97% sleep efficiency!  However I was "awake" 7 times in that seven plus hours, once for about four minutes and the other times were maybe due to movement in my sleep.  I ponder those moments, some nights it has recorded that I only moved 3 times........   No real rhyme or reason, just me.  

I find it amazing that I can be awake one minute and then asleep the next.  There is no time of in between.  You are either awake or asleep.  Think about that......, isn't that amazing?

I wonder if that is what death is like, one minute here and alive and the next in a new space and still "alive".   When we go to sleep, are we really practicing for that moment when we journey forever in the spirit world?  I think it could be that easy.