Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Forty-Five Years

Our wedding day was forty-five years ago.  How can this possibly be true?  Where is that sweet, young, innocent couple that dated in high school and married four years later?  I was twenty and he twenty-two.  

Richard just graduated from Ohio State University and acquiring a job in our county was pretty much the best way to start a marriage, he would be an Ag. Teacher at the Greene County Career Center.  Oh, we were young and like all other young couples, probably had our head in the clouds.  Life would be perfect and we would grow old together.  

Three years into our marriage we had our first child, Ryan, three years later we had Trisha and three years after that we had Emily.  Each came with no special planning, it was just "time" and so it happened.  I think sometimes we have always just moved along, everything happening in it's own time.  

I laugh when I think about having children, we didn't have a clue what we were doing, everything just happened along.  Working out the difficulties of living on a little farm, raising animals, kids and making do with what we had.  I never wished for more, we were happy and things were just they way they needed to be.

Children grew up, children left home, children married and have children of their own.  We are grandparents?  What?  When did that happen?  Then we are talking about retirement, seriously?
We are too young to think of that, wonderful husband taught for 36 years in the same school that hired him when he was twenty-two.  Does anyone have a job in one place today?

Then suddenly we are talking Medicare.  What?  Life goes on.  We have NO control when it comes right down to it.  We make decisions based on the information we have at that very moment.  Time keeps moving us on to the next stage.  And yet our hearts still are young, we think we are still able to do things that our body is telling us not to do.  Doing things that used to take a couple days might take a week to finish.  What happened to those twenty year old kids?

My wonderful daughter thought it would be fun to notify our friends of our anniversary and have them send cards.  Well, we have been overwhelmed with lovely cards, some from people who were actually participants in the wedding!  New friends, old friends and even our insurance company sent a card!  What fun!  

Our three wonderful children are taking us out to dinner tonight, grand-kids included.  Should be great fun.  

With Thanks and Happiness to all who have made our journey together even more wonderful.

Sleeping in the Tipi

Last night I slept in the tipi.  It was a wonderful night for July to be out there, we have little humidity in the air this year, could be because we are experiencing a drought across the country.

When I'm alone in the tipi,  I count the dogs as company, so not really alone, I usually go out late, maybe eleven or after.  It is always quiet and dark, I  have wood ready for a fire and will often bring a flute to play or sometimes a drum.  I have my own little ceremony before lighting the fire.  It seems I am in constant gratitude for even the smallest gifts found in my days.

The fire isn't really needed for heat in the summer, it does provide light and maybe helps with creepy crawly things.  I have never been bitten by mosquitoes in the tipi.  Of course creepy crawly don't much bother me, we usually have a toad that takes care of things in tipi.

Anyway, not much goes on in the tipi when I'm alone.  However, when I have friends come and stay with me all that changes.  We'll go out earlier, sometimes sit and talk at the outside fire.  When we all go inside the tipi and get our beds ready and sit around the fire, our tiredness is suddenly gone and we can stay awake a while longer laughing and sharing stories.

I have been blessed with some special ceremonies in my tipi lodge.  We will drum, sing and play the flutes and most importantly pray.  These are often moments for the memory to record, there are no photos taken, no recordings and certainly held with much honor and respect. 

The nights are usually quiet, my tipi sits as far from our road and house as I can get it.  We will hear a distant dog bark, an owl in the trees nearby, night insects are singing their songs.  One night I heard snorting, from a deer I decided.  I think one had a fawn in the trees not far away.  I will even hear coyotes yelping in the distance.  My dogs have  often been drawn out of the tipi for something I never hear, I always pray it isn't a skunk.  Raccoon sometimes can be heard chattering, but all have kept their distance and for that I'm grateful!

Morning sunrise is cause for celebration, a new day!   The birds start their song at first light and they can be deafening!  I am always awakened at dawn by their singing and the morning light on the tipi.  I'll cover my head and try to go back to sleep for a little longer.  I find it hard to sleep under such conditions.  The dogs will still be snoring peacefully, worn out from running outside and checking to make sure all is well outside the tipi.

I love when my grand children come and stay with me in the tipi.  They giggle and wiggle around.  The fire lights their faces as we talk and catch up on things in their life.  Pretty soon they are snuggling into their sleeping bags and are visited by their dreams.  I look at their sweet faces and am grateful to share this space with them.

Friday, August 24, 2018


A couple weeks ago I went to an auction.  I haven't been to one in years.  Really, not since our children were little.  Before we were married, I went every Saturday, looking for furniture to
furnish our home.  I was so happy buying pieces I still love today. 

In our dining room table is a big oak table with six boards to make it bigger, it can seat sixteen people easily.   I also bought an oak kitchen cupboard, an old china cupboard, end table, chairs, a beautiful bench, and who can even imagine what else.  I spent the rest of the time refinishing pieces and getting ready to make a home with my high school sweetheart.  Oh, many of the things were a bargain and that was the thrill of the hunt, I love a good bargain.  

And soon the auctions fell away, I was married, children came, money was used to pay bills, dress babies and so on.  

Then my daughter ask me to go to an auction for her, she needed a dresser, a friend had some things in a local auction, dressers included, and I went.  I was in awe at many of the items there, just as I was so long ago.  Pieces of a home were put on display and being sold one by one.  Even framed photos were being sold!  The wedding china, a place setting for twelve, sold for $2.50!  WHAT?  My heart breaks watching treasures sell and knowing I have a house full of such things and probably no one wants!  


These beautiful mantle clocks were going for less than fifty dollars!  We have three such clocks at our house!   

See the little bird collection at the right?  I now own the little Bluebird, $5.  Who will want that when I'm gone, will they know my love of Bluebirds and the many Bluebird boxes I have made and put in our center of the world?  Or will it be discarded and the memory lost too?

We purchased my daughter a dresser, I can't say it was cheap but it was in good shape.  The other things I picked up were very cheap.  A humpback trunk for $15!  I know when I was still doing auctions in the 80's they were going for $100 or more.  It's in pretty good shape, paper is still good inside even. 

We also bought a great lift chair for $100, my husband was sure it would be useful in our future!  This makes me laugh, but it looks brand new and we knew who owned it first.  

Oh, I was on a roll now, the bug for buying was great, but I kept thinking about where I might put something and did I really need it!  We did purchase an old handmade Grandfather clock for my son.  He lives is a big old farmhouse that needs chimes to ring throughout the house!   

I guess the point of this Blog is to reveal that TIME has moved on, things change.  I wonder what will happen to our treasures when we leave them behind.  I think our children will cherish some things, but they are settled in their homes with their own special memories, maybe our grandchildren will like some of our treasures, I don't hold much hope for that idea.  Times are different now and I'm feeling the reality of "TIME".

Monday, June 4, 2018

It's Happening


It's Happening, I have decided it's time to write a book.

I am in the process, I'm sure it will be quite time consuming, to use my blogs as the contents of this book.  I started writing blogs to record the happenings in my life, past and present, in hopes of grasping memories of my journey.  Now I am going to each blog, briefly reading, sometimes giggling, sometimes crying, but nevertheless enjoying my crazy Meandering Thoughts and putting them in PDF format so they might be then moved into book form.  I should have done a PDF after each blog long before now. Doing more than 300 blogs makes this task somewhat overwhelming.  I think if I do a month of blogs each day, I might be done in a reasonable time.  It seems as time passed I seemed to write less and that is a little sad.  I love writing about experiences and things we do.  And so much has happened and continues to happen, I still feel the need to share.

Now, the thing about this book, it will mostly be for family, unless someone is crazy enough to want to follow my thoughts and memories!  I think at my age, I can see that I'm closer to the end of my journey than when I was living as an adolescent, middle or over the hill kind of life .  It seems I am more reflective as I age and I don't I have all the time in the world, as I did when less reflective and more invincible.  Oh, the joys of youth and ignorance.   I have classmates and friends and family that have moved on to the spirit world.  I think of them and wonder how long they will be remembered.  Certainly those of us close to them remember, but what happens with the next generation, how long will they remember?

Am I as guilty as the next by saying, "Oh, I wish I'd ask my grandparents about their life."  Even our own parents, their life experience is often lost to us, just because we didn't ask and they didn't share.  At least for me this is the case.  I have this desire to share my little stories.  Putting them in book form and passing them on to our children and grandchildren.  Will my Great Grandchildren read this book, will they hang on to that little piece of history and marvel how life has changed?

Maybe it is my desire to live on beyond my earthly years.  Is that the reason I create art as well?
Maybe, just maybe someone will say, "I wish I knew who created this beautiful gourd or painting."  "I wonder what her life must have been like when she was growing up, being a mother, a wife and an artist."  It's certainly something I think of when I look at others work, wondering if it is a true reflection of WHO they are.

So I have decided to write a book, I believe it will be titled "Meandering Thoughts".

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Old Barn

The Old Barn
This Old Barn has had many jobs in the 42 years that we have lived here.  From the house it was the view that filled our windows.  

It has housed hogs from birth to market, the lean-to was an open shelter for the horses to come and go. After the hogs were gone the inside space became a blacksmith shop for my husband and many friends who would frequent it.  

The floor was broken cement, the walls were fragile cement block, and the tin roof rusted and leaking. After it became the Blacksmith shop the ceiling was lowered to keep it warmer and lights were hung, but it always felt like a dark cavernous hole to me.  

After adding on to our pole barn, my husband slowly but surly moved everything from the little white barn to the new space.  Horses now long gone, we no longer needed the lean-to.  Although it did become a place to store stuff, there is never a shortage of stuff around here!

One fine day a year it was time to take down the Old Barn.  In two days you couldn't tell it even existed in this space.  The cement block and floor became the broken foundation to the barnyard drive.  Once gravel was dumped and sifted down into the broken foundation, we had a big place for the activity of a new blacksmith shop and my studio traffic.

Once the barn was gone, we felt naked and exposed to the world, although we have no close neighbors.  Our view from the house then became a view of critters that moved around beyond that Old Barn.  The small field directly behind that Old Barn had become our wildlife area.  We began to see deer moving and even a coyote now and then.  Rabbits run, tunnel and have babies there.  We often hear pheasants calling from those tall grasses.  Milkweed blooms and even some thistles, both providing a place for Monarch butterflies and Goldfinches. 

Every morning this last week we have seen a Red-Tailed hawk perched on a tree branch, we have seen other hawks glide over this area in search for the next meal.  Ten deer passed through from the pasture, they held up there, becoming invisible in the brown grasses.  We never saw these things when the Old Barn was there. 

 I love the open view now, it's not that I'm exposed anymore, it is nature is exposed to me, from the window of our house. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

This Day and Age..........

My thoughts are not to win any points or debate, just my own Meandering Thoughts regarding the Day and Age in which we live.  I have tried to be quiet and respectful of the thoughts and ideas of my fellow friends.  I have managed to live through months of election forecasts and rants from the Democrat and Republican sides, from Media telling me what to believe and what is good for me.  Who can believe so much $^*t being posted, reported and deemed truth?  I thought when the election was over it would finally be peaceful and quiet, people would move on with their life in peace.

Well, was I ever wrong!  In this Day and Age it seems everyone has become a bully, everyone thinks they have all the answers, that they can speak for me and that what I think is not right and I'm not standing up to "injustice for all women".  Let me tell you, it was all I could do to stand up the the injustice that my own mother pushed on me.  Confrontation and protest are not ME.  Fighting, yelling and turmoil are not my game.  Don't ask me to conform to your ideas and your agenda.  Stop posting your "proof", because this article said so.  Do you honestly believe all the stuff you read?  Must you point out every single little thing that you disagree with?   You have become name caller and bully, which is what you seem to dislike most about our leaders.  What happen to the things you went to church every week to support, what happen to the healing sound of music you made?  Was that all a lie?  I know that standing up to things you don't believe is important, but the hate that is being shown along with your "standing up" is just not my cup of tea. 

You have all heard the story of the grandson, being told by his grandfather that you have a wolf on each shoulder, one is good one is bad and they are fighting each other.  The little boy asks his grandfather who wins the fight.  Grandfather answers, "The one you feed the most."

Which wolf are you feeding?  Where is the "Love" you profess to have?  I'm sorry that I now question everything you say.  I cannot pretend to ignore the hate you have helped spread into the universe.  Your words are like a stone dropped in water, the ripple from that stone continues to radiate out.  You cannot take words back, they have become your new mantra.  I'm sorry, I just can't understand, my trust and belief have been shaken to the core.  I find myself retreating to my own world, the simple truth found in nature, seasons and prayers.

I am trying to live in a state of Gratitude and I will work twice as hard to send my stones into the water with prayers of LOVE.  May you all be touched by those prayers and find a more peaceful state.  

Friday, July 8, 2016

We Are Still Here!

It's been a great while since I've visited and written for Meandering Thoughts.  I have been busy, with so many things this past year.  So many changes in my day to day living.

Trees added to walls

First exciting thing was the change going on inside the house.  Major living room project this winter took many hours, Planning, Cleaning, Throwing out and Renewing our living room.  Carpet out!  Bamboo Flooring in!  Fresh new paint and new artwork (my own)!

Native American Style
Flutes displayed
I love having my flutes out and available for enjoyment in viewing or playing a song.  I love coming into this
Some of my early artwork.
space and relaxing or working. It has a
wonderful southwest feel!
We also built an addition to our red barn and wonderful hubby has a new shop to work in, this spring the old white barn that originally housed hogs and the lean that sheltered the horses, came down.  

Taking down the hog barn....
So we are still here, just busy and trying to keep up with everything.  More thoughts down the road!