Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Not The Destination, It's The Ride

"It's not the denstination, it's the ride."  A common statement in regard to riding a Harley.  I will also say the same about being married to my wonderful husband of forty three years.  We are always a little shocked at the amount of time that has rushed past and brought us to this point.   Certainly we don't feel much different than we did in our twenties.

We dated in high school, I was sixteen and head over heels, a "teenager in love".  Hummm, wasn't that a song title?  We went to football games, drove around the local Friches and ordered sandwiches from the outdoor speaker, food came and a tray was placed on the window by an outdoor waitress.  We went to school dances and 4H camp together.  I always had a curfew and we never parked, I was too afraid of those Urban legends that we talked about at slumber parties being true!   Laugh if you want...........  :D

We married and did all the usual things, had our family, worked hard and played when we had the money.  I never felt rich, I never felt poor.......... we just were living the life and enjoying each phase as it came to us.  It's been a great journey.

Now, here we are.  Still living life as it comes to us, enjoying our children and our grandchildren, they are the best thing about our life!   We are finding joy in my additional family that is just new to us.   We both have found working and playing is harder than it used to be!  We still do it, it just takes longer than it used to.

Yesterday, our anniversary of forty-three years, June 14th, also Flag Day, we celebrated by taking our month old Harley Davidson Trike for a ride.  The day was cool and sunny and we rode around 150 miles, with a stop for lunch and a couple other stops along the way.  I love riding, the smell of ripening wheat, the scent of the cows as we pass a dairy farm, the aroma of pine trees, the shade of riding a wooded back road, the brightness of open flat farmland, and the air in my face.  It is a little peace of heaven when we are out on our bike.

Then it happened, we were about thirty minutes from home when it hit us both, we were not used to this and our butt bones were suffering!!!!  Holy cow, maybe we really need to spend more time conditioning before we ride this long.  When we got home we both found a comfortable spot to take a little nap and recover!  What a wonderful day!  Happy Anniversary Honey!