Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, October 3, 2014

Things Change............

Fender (Fenn) our new addition.
August 2014
After I lost my sweet dog Lily, I was pretty certain that I would not go down that road again.  I said to anyone who would listen, "No more dogs, I can't stand the heartache when they leave us all too soon."  "I still have Gabby, I don't want another dog."  "Besides, it ties us down."

My wonderful hubby and I were planning a trip, being gone for almost two weeks and having an elderly dog at home means we must have a house sitter.  Although my wonderful daughter said she would stay, I know it is not easy to give up two weeks of time in our house.

Days before we were to leave, my sweet daughter, sends me a text that one of her Facebook friends has a Yorkie that she needs to give to a good home.  I have always been a softy for the terrier types of dogs and Yorkie's seemed to be my focus.  Although they cost more than I am willing to spend to buy one.

I tell my lovely daughter that I just wasn't interested, then she sends a picture.  Of course, I'm melting a little.  Then she tells me, "He is a year old and free!"  Then I tell here that I have never been interested in little boy dogs, they tend to lift their leg on everything.  I tell wonderful hubby about all of this and he says to me, "How high can a five pound dog lift his leg?"  Seriously, he is not helping me stay strong about not getting another dog!

Then my darling daughter says, let me find out where the dog is located and maybe you can just go look at him.  "Okay, I'll think about it" I say.  Still thinking about packing for vacation, not getting a little dog.  She sends me another text, guess where they live?  Right in my home town!  She is sure that is a sign!!!

So I went to look at Little Boy Dog, my heart smiled on him, he was so cute, although timid.  I ask the "Mom" why she was letting him go.  She has two other big dogs, he wasn't getting the attention he needed, the kids were going back to school and so was she, he deserved a home with more attention.  He is neutered, house trained, cage trained and too darn cute.  The question that would be the deal breaker, "Could you keep him two more weeks, until we get back from vacation?"  "Not a problem." she said.

The rest is history, we now own a sweet little boy dog named Fender (from a Disney movie).  He is sweet, likes to snuggle, loves Gabby (and Gabby likes him), comes when called and is thriving in our house.  Looks like darling sweet daughter will be house
sitting in the future.

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