Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, October 5, 2009

More on Friends

I have been blessed with many friends, of the human kind.  I also have had many animal friends.  I remember them fondly, many are no longer walking this earth.  Their friendship was just as important to me as my two legged friends.  They also shaped who I am today.  Maybe making me a better person than I might have been if they weren't in my life.

I have had horses that I felt such a connection with, that even today as I write this the tears fill my eyes.  They were always there listening to my secrets, sharing some grief or embarrassing moment.  They instinctively knew my heart was in distress and would stand quietly and wait until I had recovered enough to go for a nice long ride.  Taking me back to nature always healed my wounds. 

The dogs that have been in my life are numerous and memorable.  They are so perceptive about the feelings you are having.  Don't you wish people were that sensitive?  What a world we would live in if that were the case. 

In this photo, left to right, Trudy our wonderful quarter horse mare, Feasty, our anglo/arab, my Arab, Bones and Arab, Knipper.  Our dog Paula in the front.  They were all getting their pictures taken for 1992 Christmas card.  Trudy, Feasty and Paula are no longer with us.

Yes, I just had to mention my four legged friends.  I have been blessed by them all.


  1. I remember helping you decorate horses for this photo! You called me and said it was snowing. I said that was nice. You said to come down and dress up the horses before it melted!

  2. Yep, I remember it well, you had the bag of carrots and I had the camera. Remember trying to put my girl's legwarmers on the horses legs! Oh my, that was too much fun!