Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Top Twelve Christmas Holiday Tips

I may add to this list when some new idea comes to mind for Holiday Tips.  I felt the need to start compiling ideas before Christmas is over and I forget what the tips were.......    I'd love your comments and suggestions for your Top Christmas Holiday Tips too!

#1.   Don't waste paper, make cloth bags in many sizes with a ribbon sewn in the seam to tie the gift off.  Then  just BAG AND TAG all your gifts.  This could be done with Christmas fabric purchased on sale after Christmas last year.............

#2.   When you get out a collection of Santa's, Snowmen and/or Angels and wonder why you have so many.  Why pack them all away after Christmas?  I suggest letting all the grand children pick something from your collection(s) and take it home with them.  The memory will go home and start new memories for your grand children.

#3.    Wrapping up collection pieces for Grand nieces and Grand nephews, start their special collections with your collections!  I wonder if my Nieces are reading my blogs? 

#4.    When you get stuff out for Christmas that you no longer use and your kids don't want, put it in a big
box and save it for the next white elephant exchange!  A big box and a pretty ribbon......  perfect gift!  I'm awaiting my invite to a white elephant exchange with great anticipation!

#5.    Of course, there is always Goodwill if you are trying to downsize stuff in your storage bins.

#6.    Artificial trees that come with lights will eventually have strands of lights that stop working.  DON'T   throw out the tree.  You'll never be able to remove the lights that came on the tree, just add more lights, no one will notice once all the ornaments are on the tree.  We don't need another artificial tree in the landfill!

#7.    Schedule an event in your house a week or two before Christmas.  You are sure to get your act together then!  Cleaning and decorating is now driven by a deadline!

#8.    If the house smells good, it also looks cleaner!   So bake some cookies or light a candle!

#9.    Just restacking the books on a shelf helps.  Warning, don't start reading them, you'll lose yourself quickly.

#10.   Host your home parties for evening, turning the tree lights and other twinkle lights on, light the candles and only dim mood lighting throughout the house.  No one will notice those little dust bunnies that escaped your cleaning!

#11.   Keep giving your spouse a "short list" of things you need help with, works much better than a "long list".  You can give them to him more often and he never catches on to the method in your maddness.

#12.   I have nearly bought the stores out of plastic tubs!  They make great storage, easy to carry, easy to stack and easy to label!  Now that I'm so organized, I can save more stuff!


  1. oh I like #8! I am going to light more candles! did you make that up? LOL!

  2. One of your nieces is reading your blog!