Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, December 13, 2010


I have been having a difficult time getting in the mood for Christmas.  At last it has finally happened!  I am in the mood, the tree is up and decorated and I do love the soft light it brings into our living room.  It will be difficult to take down, now that it's finally up. 

I just don't understand why I drag my feet during this time.  I do like seeing everything decorated, the colors are pretty and festive.  Do I just have a hard time making transitions?  I think how hard it was for me to face fall coming and now winter.  Is this normal as we age, not to need all the glitz and glam to appreciate Christmas and what it's all about? 

On Saturday we, Emily, Richard and I, went to see Trisha and Bill for Aidan's 8th Birthday.  It was lovely spending time with my daughter and her family.  Trisha and Bill have four children and are constantly busy with activities that come with these very active children.  I honestly don't know how they do it!  Just watching was exhausting, each needing some attention with this or that.  I see so much joy and happiness in this wonderful family.

As I sat watching and participating in the conversations going on around me, I looked at their home, their tree was up and decorations sparkled among the lights.  I also saw sitting in special places the Santa's and Snowmen that have come from my own collections.  I decided a couple years ago to start letting the grand children pick something from my decorations to take home and call their own.  Seeing these treasures that were a part of our tradition and are now becoming a part of their traditions.

Something clicked in my brain!  My children come home with their families every Christmas because they too want to be immersed in our family tradition.  They want to come and see what they remember our house was like when they were growing up!  The fact that they still come home is my gift from them, could I ever want more?  I am going to finish my decorating, putting out Mr. and Mrs. Santa in the sleigh with all the gold glittered reindeer.  I will again set out the many snowmen in the bay window of the dining room on batting covered lights to look like a winter wonderland.  Out comes the nativity and I'll plug in the star to shine over the manger scene.  I purchased this 42 years ago, the first Christmas of our marriage.  I will set out the special angels that have come from my Mother and even the one I got in fourth grade that is a candle that got too warm and has fallen sideways.  I will set hand crafted Santa's on the hearth by the fire place and wherever else there is an empty place.  I will hang some of the wreaths to the inside and outside doors and maybe even bake some cookies.  Yes, I am getting in the mood for Christmas at last!

Now, if I could just muster up some excitement about shopping!

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  1. You're so right about your family wanting to see the same traditions from us. And I was like you about not wanting to put it all up just to have to take it down. But this past weekend I got in the mood when one of my adult children responded to my invitation to come during the holidays. That's all I needed to get me jump started. It's not all about the decorating, it's the love shared that is the best thing about Christmas. And when you don't have it or just one of your kids is having problems and not relating to you, it takes all the joy you have for the season. But one of them steps up and that is enough for me to get going!

    Take care and enjoy your meanderings:)