Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, January 21, 2011

January Contradictions

snow on the pine in our yard
There is always something to do.  I can't seem to escape the feeling that I need to be doing something.  I always look forward to winter, I find it more relaxing, no major deadlines.  That may be true if I don't look too far ahead.  I sometimes think I live my life in total contradictions with myself.  

For instance:  I could be working in the studio, creating new gourd work, in preparation for next summers shows.  Or, I could relax, the inventory is pretty good just now.  When the season of shows begin, I will feel like I have nothing new and will be nuts trying to do some "new"work.

I could use this time to be more creative in the studio, try to do something new.  I recently got a beading loom and can't wait to try some beading.  I now have all the supplies necessary to do this.  Should I be fooling around with a new project that I can't see as part of my gourd artwork, just to learn something new? 

I could be cleaning out a closet or the sewing room.  Really, it is not that I have any intention of sewing and the closet thing means making some major decisions on keeping or getting rid of things.  Maybe I should just get started on the stack of books waiting to be read!  Sitting near the fire with a good cup of coffee and snuggled in a blanket with a good book sounds really nice!

I should be getting my shows lined up for the coming year, get my website updated and get my tax stuff sorted out before April.  I'd rather go play flutes with my friends and not think about shows, this is my "down" time, isn't it? 

my thoughts swirl around much like this paiinting
I would love to go to the library and check out some art books and then I'd want to try new projects and do I really need to get involved in more creative projects?  Not to mention getting supplies necessary to do new projects! 

I could start painting again, I do love painting.  My problem with painting is the paintings just get stacked with the other paintings with no rhyme or reason and isn't that just wasting my time?  I always like making greeting cards from my paintings, but really, how many greeting cards can one sell? Does anyone actually write letters to people or do they just send and email or text?

The sunshine is so beautiful today, the snow just sparkles and it is very cold outside.  I have a hot cup of coffee and a paper and pen to make a list and yet, instead of getting on with it, I sit and write this blog, totally using up good time that I could be doing something, anything or nothing at all..............    

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  1. If you don't rest and do some re-creational activities, your work will suffer - it will become mechanical. So build in some "down time". Consider what you are doing as regenerational! Do what gives you pleasure and feels "lightening". When it's time to really kick butt and take names - you'll know it!!!! Ideas will flow naturally... Best wishes CD