Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Snow Day

Today we are having a SNOW DAY.  Exactly what that means depends on where you are in your life.  When my children were young and we got up early to listened to the radio for school closings, everyone had their fingers crossed that their school would be closed, that was a SNOW DAYAs a grand parent, I thought I would be never have to worry about the school closings or delays or even the early dismissals again.  I was so happy not to get up early and glue myself to the writing at the bottom of the TV screen.  Yes, a passage from being a parent to being a grand parent.

My daughter, who is married to a Superintendent of their K-12 school, has an entirely different take on these weather concerns.  She doesn't enjoy the bad weather, with small babies in the house, it just is another interruption in her already short nights.  They live in a flat rural countryside where snow drifts control many road conditions.  The local sheriff calls the Superintendent (her husband) with a road report and then other superintendents call one another to also converse about the roads before the decision is made about a delay or closed school.  Then they have a calling system that goes out to each home (even their home) to alert parents of the news.  Which means no one has to sit glued to the TV notifications.  It's just when the call comes you are happily snuggled deep in your bed, sleeping soundly only to be awakened by the phone.   All of this activity starts happening in her household at four in the morning!

This morning, oblivious to the fact that more snow fell in the night, I am snuggled deep under my down blanket, dreaming good dreams and I get the call from my daughter-in-law, school has been cancelled and she has to go to work, is it okay if the grand daughters come down?  Of course, it is fine, bring them on down.  I must now get up and get ready for a Snow Day, something I'd thought was long in my past. 

So today, this Grandma and Grandpa got up early today to enjoy a SNOW DAY with grandchildren!


  1. And what are you doing during your snow day? Playing in the snow or making hot chocolate and hanging out by the fire?

  2. Fire in the living room and girls helped me finish putting away the Christmas stuff. The house looks empty now. Girls went home after lunch, we didn't even get to make cookies.....