Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not My First Big Job

Kellen, McKinley, Aidan and baby Tatum
Our daughter and her sweet husband are taking a long weekend Valentine get away.  I am sure it is much needed, they have four children!  The children will be taken care of at home, with different family members coming to the house to do a couple days each until their parents are back home again. 

For our daughter it means working overtime to get everything ready.  She was trying to get all the laundry done, packing for the trip and making endless lists for the family helpers to read that hold vital information to the children's needs.  She also managed to freeze some meals ahead, making sure enough food was in the refrigerator for the five days they would be gone.

Everyone had a "bug" a couple weeks before they were scheduled to leave and many trips to the Doctors office was required.  I think the baby is the only one still on antibiotics.  Trisha was seriously wondering if they would be well enough to go themselves. 

I am scheduled for Sunday evening through late Monday night.  Trisha sent me an email about Monday morning school information.  I am to make sure the Valentine boxes go to school with three of the children and inside the boxes are the cards they are giving to other classmates.  I was also given instructions about Kellen's packed lunch, he wants his ham and cheese on a white bun with ketchup.  Kellen is very worried I might get this wrong.

Trisha called the other day, concerned that I might have a hard time, did she forget that I raised three kids?  I know how to fix meals, I know how to send kids off to school and so what if babies don't sleep through the night, I assured her I would hear her if she was crying.  I told Trisha not to worry, I would be fine and her children were in good hands.

Then she reminded me about the time I was visiting a friend and her family.  My friend had a daughter about first grade age.  My friend had to work at school on bus duty and that particular morning her daughter wanted to ride the bus.  I agreed to put her on the bus at the appointed time if my friend wanted to go on to school and do her bus duty.

After years of putting kids on the bus, I knew we should be outside waiting a little before time, in case the bus was early.  My friend lived off the road a little ways, so there was a lane to walk.  We could see if the bus was coming and the bus driver could easily see us waiting. Their dog went out with us and was racing and playing in the snow and at some point the dog crashed into this little girl.  Suddenly everything went wrong, little girl skinned her knee and it was bleeding, her tights were torn and I panicked!  I didn't want the bus to not stop if we weren't waiting, so I had the little girl wait (crying in the lane) while I ran to the house for a washcloth and bandages.  Of course I could find no band aids and I was terrified that while in the house the bus would come.  I grabbed the washcloth and went outside to clean up the wound.  Oh dear, big hole in the tights, boo boo bleeding and the bus is coming.  What could I do?  If I didn't put her on the bus my friend would panic when she didn't get off and I had no idea where the school was and this was before cell phones!  The little girl got on the bus.........

About an hour later my friend came home.  She was laughing at least.  She said she was shocked when her only child and the love of her life got off the bus.  When she left home she was sure her daughter was in good hands.......  Oh my gosh!  I will never forget trying to do such a simple thing and it went so wrong so quickly!

I assure Trisha all will be fine, this is not my first big job.   

Post script:  Everything went well, no disasters, baby slept through the night, the children got to school on time, they ate my cooking and were perfect in all ways.  I know why the young have children, it can be exhausting!  It was wonderful spending so much time with our grandchildren, they are smart and responsible and respectful.  It was awesome!  They even ask me to play my flutes!  A very happy Grandma here!

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