Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Animal Messengers

my tipi lodge......

I look at animals that cross my path as messengers.
They tell me things, if I listen.  It happened again, just the other day..
Somehow, somewhere in my mind, I knew I'd find a friend waiting.
He knew I was coming too, on this beautiful day in June.

So the story begins with sunshine and cool springlike air in mid-June.
I am preparing the ground for the tipi raising, 
It will happen very soon.

I mow a slightly wandering path through my horse pasture,
the tipi will sit as far from the house as possible, on a level spot in the meadow.
This pasture is also know as the butterfly pasture, in the summer heat
it looks like a mirage of movement as they flutter around.

This spot where the tipi sits, was shown to me by an immature bald eagle, maybe
six or seven years ago.  Just after my order was placed for my eighteen foot tipi lodge.

A message of importance for sure, as he flew up from the spot where the tipi spends it summer. You see this message from the young bald eagle was one to take notice of,
we don't normally have bald eagles here........
He had much to share, another story for another day. 
I have gratefully embraced his messages.

On this day in June, I needed to move the stones that circle the fire ring. 
These stones are nearly hidden by the tall grasses.
As I pick up each stone that is seated well upon the earth,
I know I will discover the messenger waiting there. 

butterfly pasture.....

Only four stones left, humm... even the number four could be important here...

I find him coiled and without fright we looked at each other.  I understand his
message of transformation, the shedding of the old, the past.  He acknowledged
my cleansing and my journey to embrace a new chapter in my life.

We both paused and looked calmly at one other, message received and 
so he quietly took his leave into the tall grasses. 
Thank you my snake friend, as I offer some tobacco for his gift.


  1. Love all the creatures on our beautiful Earth!