Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Wind of My Soul

After almost a year of dreaming, painting, planning, writing and even some road blocks, a vision is coming true for two friends.  My dear friend, Peggy, voiced her idea of doing a book together as we casually sat on the porch at Wild Gourd Studio last summer.  She loves to write poetry and I love painting on canvas.  Her idea was to combine our talents and create "The Wind of My Soul".

The difficult part had little to do with the art of painting, I have more paintings than I know what to do with.  I just painted for my own pleasure and crossed my fingers that something would work for our book.  Peggy Hill, the author, has always been able to express herself in words, she has shared her heartfelt feelings about life and the results are amazing.  The poetry touches the spirit of every soul who reads Peggy's words.  The real effort came trying to put the two together.  It may have been easier if we didn't live in different parts of country, I live in south central Ohio and she in northwest Arkansas. 

After months of emails, phone conversations, hours of computer time to organize the book in the proper order, the vision came together.  I would like to thank Peggy Hill and her wonderful husband, John Two-Hawks for all their hours of effort.  I would also like to thank my wonderful husband, Richard, for his support in all of my creative efforts. 

The soft cover book, is now ready for you to purchase.  You can order from my website.  
Just click on the link at the top center of my home page   The book will not only take you on a journey, there is room for you to write your own innermost thoughts, making it your book too.  I know you'll love the spirit of this publication and I am looking forward to sharing our dream with you.

Website price includes shipping and handling and the first 50 orders from my website will receive a lovely gift!


  1. I'm SO happy for you, Cynthia, and can imagine your excitement! I plan on buying a copy and can't wait to read and see your beautiful paintings. Congratulations,again!

  2. I loved having this book as a part of our retreat together. Just bought a copy for a dear friend of mine to share. Thanks for this treasure!