Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Empty Pasture

One by one they have left us,
     as they journey into the spirit land.
I hold in my hand, from your tail
     a braided strand. 

I long to see you again
     racing in the clouds.
Bucking, rolling, running
     head and tail held proud.

You've left my pasture of blooming clover
     for another place.
You have joined your trail buddies
     on the other side for yet another race.

I'm left behind with my pictures
     and many memories.
They will stir in my mind with
     the slightest of a breeze.

My horses grazed in their quiet pasture
     for years it seems.
They were contented here, in our barn
     and in the grasses green.

A time of rest, after years of work,
     they ambled along in the warm sun.
I loved to watch them scratch each others
     backs, kick and play and run.

They have left me now, Swift, Gypsy, Trudy, Feasty, Chance, Bones and Knipper,
     one by one.
As they journey to another place to
     have their eternal fun.

The pasture is empty now
     of my Equine friends.
Someday I'll find you and
     this pain in my heart will end.

I stand here now listening,
     in the distance I hear thunder.
Is it them joyfully running a race,
     I wonder........

I am waiting for something to happen
      with this braided strand of hair.
My pasture is empty of my best horse friends,
      I hope they know I still care.

                                                    Cynthia McDonald,       8-3-11

In memory of all my wonderful horses, who taught me life lessons along the way. 
Lessons in love, responsibility, freedom, travel and trust..............


  1. Wonderful written Cynthia, it was as I could hear the "thunder" as they raced in spirit land.

  2. Oh they do know Cynthia...they do...and they will watch over you and you will always sense their presence within in a gentle breeze...