Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, February 11, 2013

Goals in 2013

     I love looking at old scrapbooks, with photos of our children growing up, trips, county fair projects, horses and such.  I tend to take photographs, mostly a rather off and on basis.  Oh I love photos of people and things going on, I just don't like being that person behind the camera trying to get every little moment.  Sometimes the moment is lost on the person behind the camera trying to snag that perfect picture.

     I have learned to take my camera with me most places, that doesn't mean I'll take a picture, I might have that camera, but leave it in the car, duh!   Lucky for me that my phone has a wonderful camera and I don't have to miss something really important.

Ralph DeRemer,
my grandfather
(picture sent to his daughter,
Corinne DeRemer during
World War I)
     This year, as year long goal, I have decided to organize my life a little by making some photo books from an online photo company.  I had no idea how terribly unorganized I really am.  I have put my digital photos on my computer and they are being saved on a separate hard drive.  I still have a million photos that are sitting in boxes on the shelf behind me as I sit at my computer.  They are taunting me in their boxes, crying out to be looked at and acknowledged, it has probably been 15 years since I've worked on any scrapbooks.  Time somehow gets away from me.  Not only that, I would rarely write names or dates on the back of my pictures.  I'm not proud of this fact..........

     Now we are getting to the overwhelming part of my life.........  The first photo book I wanted to put into order was related to my DeRemer ancestors.  I have spent the last two years trying to find photos of my grandparents, my aunts, my father and my cousins.  It seems the family doesn't have lots of photos for some reason or another.  Were they lost when my grandparents passed on.  Did my aunts keep them and when they passed on, were they lost then or tossed, because no one could identify the pictures? No one seems to know what happened to all the photos. 

     I was blessed to actually see and scan pictures my father had taken and kept for years, they are the most this family has of our history in pictures or otherwise.  There are some really old photos of my dad and his sisters growing up and of his parents.  The Uncles, Aunts and cousins of my grandparents are also there and unlabled, it's a guessing game.  Some of the family was luckly enough to gather this summer and more of the photos were identified.  These are the photographs I want to make into photo book.  The difficulty for me is making sure I have the right names with the right photos and this is crtical to future family history.  It is also going to take LOTS of time!

Richard's 3rd Great Grandfather
Joseph Wesley Randall and
his Civil War Buddies
(seated far left)

     My wonderful husband has a cousin, Mary, who has graciously shared many old family photos of their grandfather and his family.  What a treasure it was to have these pictures with names and in some cases dates they were taken!

     It was then that I realized.........  all those pictures in boxes, behind me at the computer and all those pictures in the computer MUST get names tagged to them or someday they too will be unidentifiable to a later generation.  I know my children won't want to keep every picture I ever took, but they certainly won't keep the ones that they have no idea who is in the photo. 

     So my January 2013 has already overwhelmed me with work.  I am determined to label my photos in the computer.  I am determined to make photo books with family, names and years, and hopefully our family history will be there for the next generations. 

     It is an overwhelming project, I have discovered that it IS important to know from where you came.  Opening that door in my life has changed everything I once knew and the puzzle pieces are being fitted together, our ancestors will be remembered.


  1. Sorry,started out having trouble on how to post a comment..behind on the times. I could only get it to go thru as anonymous. I enjoyed seeing the WW1 photo of your grandfather, Ralph Deremer. His sister, Ellen Deremer Roberts, is my husband's great grandmother. I've been trying to figure out what happened to your great grandfather, Ralph Deremer, for a long, long time. I see that Charlotte Higgins Deremer remarried but cannot figure out what happed to that Ralph.

    1. Please email me at I think we need to communicate!

  2. Holy Cow, I want information too! We have pictures but probably have shared most with Cindy.