Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, March 25, 2013

Winter Fairies

Just outside, beyond the lace curtained window, is a flower garden inside a beautiful wrought iron fence.  It is a very special place.  Oh, it may look quiet and snow covered to you, but on this snowy winter day, but I believe the little town of Fairy Wonderland is thriving and very busy.

These little fairies are happily moving among the little igloo buildings, with twinkling lights, visiting one another and gathering for a drum and dance.  The fairies will celebrate near the little pond, ice skating and a bonfire will be enjoyed after the drum and dance ceremony.   They are celebrating the ending of winter, the coming of spring.  This late winter, early spring snow is a bonus, bringing much needed moisture to spring blossoms in the Fairy Garden.

Fairy Guardian

The snow covered earth sparkles like diamonds from the twinkling lights of the fairy lanterns beneath the snow.  The Fairies, themselves are dressed for the occasion, scarves of woven sweetgrass, legwarmers from last summers dried flower petals.  Their hats are made of various seed pods and padded with downy fiber to insulate them a little.  You know of course they don't really need warm clothing, they do it because it makes them happy!  Their boots are pointy and have little tinkling bells that jingle when they walk, it all adds to the joy they have for living with nature every day. 

Winter Bittersweet 
Their little winter village has fences of icicles that will eventually drip away, leaving the meadows of their village open giving them freedom to run and play.  They delight in taking picnics to the fields of spring and sitting under blooming violets and dandelions for shade. 

The village of Fairies have been living in my garden for many years, they are happy here, they don't seem to mind that I don't trample around too often and make all things tidy to our human eyes.  They like things to go a little wild, because they love beauty in the wild things and so do I.

I've seen them on occasion.  My favorite moment, when they were dancing around the spring daffodils, holding hands with one another and skipping around and round the clump of beautiful blooming yellow flowers.  Another time they were dancing in the tree leaves above my hammock.  I had to squint my eyes ever so slightly to see them, they hide from most who are too busy to notice.

Once when we were doing baskets of flowers for my daughters wedding, I ask for the fairies to help keep them growing and flourishing during the growing process before the wedding.  I have never seen such beauty surrounding those baskets.........

There is also a little tea set in the garden, they love to have tea parties and especially like it when I leave them sweets, a little candy or cookie is always welcome. Today I think I'll make them some hot chocolate and marshmallows for the celebration tonight.  Going to be quite an event, I can almost hear the drum and little tinkling bells.

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