Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Parts

May 2, 2013 a miracle, another new part for this girl.  I had a cataract removed and a new lens to correct my vision in my right eye. 

I hope to have the second replacement part done in the left eye in the next few weeks.  Then I should be able to go without glasses, except maybe for reading.  

After receiving two new knees in December of 2012, I am feeling a new lease on life.  

My wonderful hubby says maybe he should trade me in for a new model, I told him, "As long as they are still making parts to fix me, I'm not obsolete." 

Now I carry cards in my wallet about my replacement parts, one that shows I had knee replacement and who the doctor was.  And now cards to identify my eye lens corrections.  Weird, not much different than keeping a list of replacement parts of my car in the glove box.....  

New Parts are Wonderful!!!!  

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