Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Month

So here we are again, another birthday coming and going.  Spring and winter can't make up it's mind.  However it is a time for celebration.  Being a Pisces, there are many truths about my astrological sign that are "right on".  I won't brag about it being the BEST month or the wonderful gifts of a Pisces, it just wouldn't be what we are about.  Just take my word for it.  (laughing here!)

I was delighted over the weekend to be out on the motorcycle with my wonderful husband.  It is a time for me to reflect as we travel down the back country roads.  Often a certain scent in the air will bring an old memory.  The smell of a dairy farm reminded me of my step Dad milking Holstein cows.  Being in the barn at milking time was always a comforting time for me.  I hung out with the baby calf, petting his silky clean hair.  He might be playful after having just gotten a tummy full of milk and his mother gone he had the stall to himself.  Or I might remember the time I just sat in the hay mow and looked out the window, contemplating whatever might have been on my mind.  Of course, I remembered the times we helped stack hay and straw for those cows, a lot of hot summer work.

Then we might be passing houses on the motorcycle and the scent of woodsmoke remindes me of campfires with friends.  We have spent many years camping with family and horses, a campfire smell takes me back to those wonderful times.  Or I might remember cutting wood for years to feed our wood stove and before that when I was a kid at home helping with the wood cutting for our wood furnace. 

I see horses in a field, the thawed fields of spring gives them muddy places to roll.  I remember those muddy horses, the shedding hair and the wonderful smell of their breath.  I remember the miles and miles of riding I've done in my life.  I wouldn't have changed a moment and miss my horses now, even during the spring shedding season.

I also reflect on where I am now, this very moment in my life.  I feel nothing but contentment.  I am exactly where I am suppose to be.  My heart is happy for the journey and I feel complete.  Oh, there have been times that were hard, but no one gets off without some hardships.  Being sixty four years old is quite an accomplishment, to find such peace is to be in an awesome place.  I am content with all things, even if there were things I'd like to change, I am even at peace with those things too. 

I have been blessed with so many joys, a wonderful supportive husband, children that are the most amazing people I know.  Grand children that are the smartest, most beautiful and talented I know.  I have traveled a complete circle, finding my birth father, learning I have cousins and three more brothers.  Having spent my entire life not knowing them and to now having them all in my life.  It proves to me that the heart is ever expanding and love is never too great for you to give or recieve.

So I rejoice, just like spring and winter, it is all a balance, everything will work out, just as it is suppose to be.      Amazing................. 

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