Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming

I am Springs biggest fan!  I think it might have something to do with being born in March.  I can feel changes coming.  They are usually so small when people hear me mention spring and there is twelve inches of snow on the ground, they think I'm living in a another world.  I find myself waking up earlier in the morning, something in me knows it is already getting daylight.   I cover my head and pretend I'm in the middle of dream time, I want to go back.  I doesn't happen, I cannot lay there longer, I must get up.

I can feel the difference in the air.  It isn't necessarily warmer and yet something has changed.  There are other signs that I immediately see, all because I am watching what nature is doing to make the shift.   I've recorded them for years and every year I'll post what I have just noticed to my friends.  Every year it's the same information, the same as last year and the year before that.

One of the very first signs comes from the birds.  Their songs change.  Did you know bird songs change with each season?   In the spring the songs become more cheerful, bouncy somehow.   It is like when we are talking in a more excited way, more cheerfully, more joyful.  Birds do the same thing.  I have also seen the Canada Geese flying, "Oh", you are saying, "I've seen them all winter!"  Now if you look, they are flying in pairs!  A sure sign of spring for me.  I also noticed mallard ducks flying and paired off near the Great Miami River looking for nesting sites.  Did you know the owls have already laid their eggs and are incubating them?  Soon you'll start noticing the Red tailed Hawks pairing up.   I have recently learned that the Great Horned Owl will often use last years Red tailed Hawk nest.  When the  baby owls have fledged it is time for the hawks to come back to their nest and will lay their eggs in the nest the owls recently vacated!  Interesting how nature works in such a cooperative manner.  Lessons here......

In a few weeks we'll be seeing flocks of robins. When I hear a familiar sound from the horse pasture, I still have to look to be sure and then behold, I see the red-winged blackbirds! Oh my gosh, I'm getting excited just thinking how close all of this really is.

Other signs I notice, are smaller, I watch the plant life change.  My barrels of sweet grass start emerging green sprouts.  I look hopefully at the pussy willows, are they changing, growing and ready to bud?  I know where water cress is growing green in a water way nearby.   Other plant life is also pushing up, the snowdrops start to bloom even when snow is on the ground.  The ground gets soft and squishy making everything at the barn muddy and difficult.

The sun is warmer, the days are longer and I celebrate the changes!  Allow yourself to drink up the sunshine, appreciate the gifts offered.  Take some time to notice, respect and be grateful for every stage of our seasons.  Every season is important in the grand plan!  I will continue to enjoy the snow covered farm fields. As the snow melts off winter wheat fields they turn the most wonderful green!  It's been growing all along, under all that snow.  I love walking out the back door and being blasted by cold, fresh air.  I remember it is still February. 

March is only days away, my Birthday month.   Another year has rushed by for me.  I hope I have taken time to enjoy each day and each moment this last year.  It gets easier, I become a little wiser each year while on this earth journey.   Spring blessings everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you certainly have taken the time to enjoy the changes. Life is a wonderful miracle. Never the same from year to year - always new, always wonderful! Blessings, CD