Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, February 26, 2010

Strange Things

I love my tipi lodge, anyone who knows me also knows that fact.  The first year we put the tipi up in our horse pasture, it attracted a lot of attention.  People would stop along the road and take pictures, I aways wondered why they didn't drive in and find out more about the tipi and why it sits in my horse pasture.

My wonderful husband and I talked many years ago about getting a tipi.  Time passed and this particular summer when I realized I was not taking a vacation, nor had I the summer before.  I thought it might be a way to bring my vacation to me.  Then I could go to the tipi for some quiet time, any time I wanted.  It is wonderful on a summer afternoon, my three dogs and I, to go to the tipi and meditate, relax and get away from everything.

One summer day, the dogs and I went out very late in the day, it was almost 4 PM.  I knew my wonderful husband would be home soon and would probably expect some supper.  As most often happens, I fell soundly asleep and the dogs napped nearby. I'd been asleep for about an hour.  I was laying on my stomach, my arms above the pillow and felt someone had come inside the tipi.  My mind thought it should be Richard, my wonderful husband.  Try as I may, I could not open my eyes.  I tried to move my arms and they would not move.  My mind thought I might be in real trouble with my back, laying like this for too long, it would certainly make me stiff and unable to move.  I also thought I should say something, but could not and then I felt a hand touch me.  I knew it must be Richard reaching down to wake me up.   The hand pressed my lower back firmly and did not shake me, as if to awaken me.  The pressure stayed for some time, still I cannot open my eyes, move my arms or speak.  There was no noise, the dogs did not move or greet the visitor. 

After a minute or so of this firm pressure, it was released.........  I could open my eyes, move my arms and I sat up quickly to say something to Richard.  The dogs continued their nap and Richard was not there.  No one was there..........    I got up and went outside, no one there.  I looked toward the barn and Richard had not gotten home yet. 

I have no answer to "who" came to me inside the tipi and touched me.  I felt fine, I had no fear.  But I'm sure I had a "visitor" that summer afternoon.

The picture above was taken by my daughter on a night of the full moon.  She had walked away from the tipi and I was sitting in a chair near the opening of the tipi lodge.  Emily was using a 35mm camera and I remember her being upset when the flash didn't go off.  When I had the pictures developed, I was pretty stunned at the light in the picture.  There was reflection of the four-wheelers headlights, the lights were not on, same with a flashlight sitting on the ground next to the chair.  It was not on either.   Both look like they are turned on, maybe it was a reflection from the full moon, but we didn't see it while we sat outside the lodge.  I have no explanation of this purple and blue light with a cylinder of light in the middle.

Strange and amazing things have happened at the tipi.   In another blog I will share another story that may be even more spooky than these two stories. 

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  1. Wonderful story. I once had the same experience although not in a tipi. I hope to one day have room for a tipi. A tipi is such an organic structure.