Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day.   The sun is shining and there is snow on the ground.  The snow has come and stayed because it is also been cold.  The perfect winter, what winters should be, maybe not normal for Ohio but this is how I choose to think of winter.  As I watch the birds at the feeders and see the beautiful red cardinals, it is if they are a little Valentine out in the winter panorama of snow.  It makes me happy.

It doesn't take much to make me happy on Valentines Day.  I don't require expensive jewelery or fancy cards.  It is the little things that I appreciate from those around me.  My wonderful husband surprised me yesterday with a BIG Tim Horten's Cafe Mocha!  Mmmmm, it is my favorite coffee drink.  He also brought me three big special dark chocolate bars of candy.  Very sweetly he then said, "Now you and your girl friend can go to the movies tomorrow and have fun together."   That was a very sweet gift.  He is a very sweet guy.  I guess that is why I married him forty years ago.  We actually, started dating when I was sixteen, so we have spent many wonderful years together.

As a little school girl, I remember having Valentine Parties in school.  These were most memorable because of the Valentine Boxes we made to take to school so that our friends would put a Valentine inside.  These boxes became a creative challenge, my Mother always had a great idea for a "theme" box.  I remember one looked like a train engine, another looked like a mailbox and another covered with frills of doilies and lace.
Do they still have Valentine parties at school?  Do the children today make Valentines for their teachers and spend hours picking out the perfect little Valentine for their friends at school?  I hope so.

Maybe this is where my creative imagination got it's start, those times when scissors, glue, paper and a theme became a place to think outside the box.  Every child should have supplies at hand to be creative.
With my grand children, my favorite gift to give is supplies for creative expression.  This year each family got a tote filled with paint, brushes, stamps and cards for Christmas.  For Birthdays I always search for another art project, scratch paper, rubber stamps and ink pads, sequins and tools to attach them, beads for their own necklaces, and even play dough.  What fun to get a hand made card from my grand children.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Enjoy the snow, I know you've had some!  Give your Valentine a hug!

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