Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day, 2010

I am glad election day has finally arrived, now the home phone will be quiet once again.  I am glad election day has finally arrived and all the negative campaign commercials on TV will stop.  I am glad election day has finally arrived because it will mean the highway corners, country side road campaign signs will disappear.  Imagine the money spent, they could actually be helping fund some of the very tax increases that we are going to the polls to vote on!  I would like to ask every candidate to put that money helping the schools or other worthy cause.

I voted and I wonder about the people I voted for.  If they aren't corrupt today, how long will it take them to become corrupt because of special interest groups funding their campaigns.  I wonder, after watching a YouTube documentary on Electronic Voting Machine Fraud, if I trust our method of voting.  This morning when I went to vote at 8:30am several machines were already causing problems and  had an "out of order" sign on them!  Of course I had the option of a paper ballet.  It all leaves a bad feeling with me and causes me to question things people expect me to believe, just because it was posted in the paper or told on the news doesn't make it true.  Media reporters, paper or broadcasting stations will only tell what they want you to hear.  I fear nothing is as it seems......... illusion, deception, and greed are at the heart of our political democracy.

I want things to be open and honest.  I want to respect the opinion of a person and decide if I agree or disagree.  I don't have time to worry about it being a truth or lie!  Okay, I live in a dream world, believing that everyone is a good person and is only wanting to help save the world.  Is it wrong to want this?

Voting in our small community is much like a social event.  The people at the polling tables are all friends and neighbors. And yet we have to show a personal id when the person has already greeted us by name!  We stand and visit with people we don't ordinarily see.  We leave asking one another who this person was or that person.  Often times we haven't seen them since high school or as least since our children were out of high school.  I wonder how many people go away asking there friend or spouse who I was too!

If we wore our voting sticker to the local coffee house, we got a free cup of coffee.   So we ordered breakfast and saw even more of the everyday locals gather at the big table for their daily gossip session.  Cracks me up that these men have so much time on their hands, wonder when Richard and I will have that kind of time? 

I am grateful that women are allowed to vote and thank those women before me who fought for that right.  I am grateful to live in a country that gives us the right to vote freely.  I am glad I casted my ballot and now I will get back to cleaning my studio for an Open House next week!  This is something I have control of........

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