Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Still Here

It has been some time since I've posted, many things going on and too much on my plate to think of a topic to write about.  I shouldn't even be here today, so many things on my list of things to do!  I seem to be in one of those moods, I'm just a little annoyed about things that I can usually just cope with.

First, I have to go and get new glasses today, not because I think that need them, it's been a couple of years since I got these glasses and they have the transition lenses (they get darker in sunlight).  In the last month or so I noticed in the upper inside corner a little spot that seems to be cloudy, this spot is getting bigger and now starting to bug me!  It is like it is always smudged......... this is not good.  So I must stop everything I should be doing to get new glasses and you know it will take a couple weeks to actually have them on my face!

Secondly, I mentioned awhile back the I had to get a new washer, my old faithful washer of twenty five years could not be fixed again!  So I have a new washer and hate it.  Well, I guess it does wash the clothes and I should be grateful I have a washer.  The problem is the new designs in washers, where did the lint catcher go?  I know there is stuff that needs to be "caught", I live with dogs and cats you know!  So I find the "lint" all over my clothes and hope the dryer will whisk it into it's lint basket.  The person who created this new design doesn't live with critters!  Did they ask users of washers what they want in a washer?  I don't think so!  I hate how quiet it is, I never know what part of the cycle it is in as it swishes and whirs through the washing and spinning!  Hanging around until the load is finished to throw things in the dryer is impossible to know with this new washer!  Then it spins things so thoroughly that everything in pressed to the bottom and sides of the washer, I have to hope the dryer takes out all the crease lines.  Many things I hang to dry, if the breeze outside doesn't shake out the wrinkles then I have to iron!   I really don't like my washer, I think it's "efficiency" is not my efficiency!  Not when I now have to pull out the ironing board!

I also have to go and have a prescription filled.  Why do they only make them for thirty days, how many months have thirty one days?  I could use that extra day today! 

The other thing slowing me down this morning is my hair.  For some reason, nearly two months ago I got this idea to let my hair grow out.  Now why did this come to me, I can't answer.  You know that I have had short hair for a hundred years, timing haircuts before an event so it doesn't look "just newly cut" was always a concern.  When I told my friend what I decided, she said, "What, before the retreat, before your open house, before Thanksgiving, before Christmas........ ?"  I have no answer, I am into this hair growing process almost two months now.  It's not pretty..........  What am I thinking?  Don't I have enough to do without curling irons and electric rollers? 

Okay, so why am I writing a blog, when I should be using this time to work on gourds or clean the studio for my open house NEXT weekend.  I can't answer that, I think I am overwhelmed and needed to vent.  All is good and all will get done.


  1. (I am laughing out loud.) I so seldom see you in such a funk! You have all you need to solve all of these problems. Look back. all these things are/were in your control. You thought you were making a good decision at the time that you made them! Maybe things didn't turn out the way you thought,... (but there are solutions: get yourself a loud timer for your washer. Get a styling for your hair - not a short cut. Set appointments so that you can do them all in the same 1/2 day and stop at Tom Horton's and treat yourself...) If the Open House is really the problem... change your expectations for yourself. Your guests will be there to see you and have a good time... it will be what it will be - and unique to this time this year. Which is to say: "WONDERFUL!" We all love you and those of us who can make it, will enjoy our time with you. Relax... Life is always good. CD

  2. I'm laughing too. It isn't really a "funk", it is just frustrating sometimes and it also shows that we all have these frustrating things happen, no one is immune! A timer is a great idea for the washer! As for my hair, if I go to get it styled..... it will never grow, she always takes more off than I want. lol Actually today it looks pretty good, can I continue to hope it will look good next week too? hahaha! we'll see. I know the open house is my stress behind all these other annoyances.... Most of the time I'm okay with the thought "whatever gets done, gets done, the rest doesn't matter." I'll be better when I can spend the day in the studio and not running errands! Thanks for the tips! That is what friends are for! :D