Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Touch the Earth Gently

Touch the Earth Gently, this is one of my very favorite quotes!  It can mean many different things on many different levels.  I always thought it was regarding how we walk on the earth.  Do we tread carefully, trying not to disturb other micro environments.  Do we keep the space that we live free of litter, giving respect to other people, animals, birds, insects and fish that share this space.  I remember growing up and being taught not to litter, this is my BIGGEST pet peeve, I hate litter along beautiful country roads, on interstate highways, on hiking trails!  Come on people, don't throw it on the ground, put it in your pocket and dispose of it properly! 

Touch the Earth Gently, has a much bigger scope than just my small center of the world.  I worry everyday what we are doing to this Earth on which we live.  The scope of stuff we throw away everyday boggles my mind.  They (the greedy ones) don't make things to last anymore, "throw it away, replace it with something better", is the theme of most companies.   It's not always better, my 25 year old washer did a much better job doing my laundry than this new one I have.  The reason I replaced the old one?  Because they no longer make parts for the old one.  Yet again the secret of the greedy minds causing us to purchase new.  Do you know the life expectancy for my new washer is ten years, do the math (if you can) how many of us will be replacing our washers in ten years?  Where do you think they go after they are hauled away?  How many things end up in the landfill leaving your house?  What do you do with plastic razors, plastic containers, tin cans, junk mail.....  the list can go on and on.  I recycle what I can and each time I take thing to recycling I pray it is truly recycled and not just something to give me a little peace about what we throw away.

Touch the Earth Gently had another meaning the other night in the tipi.  My friend and I sat at the little fire talking.  I saw her put her hands on the Earth and just touch.  I watch as she moved them to another spot and then she said, "I can feel the electrical charge from the Earth coming into my hands and I can feel it go up my arms!"  Have you ever sat on the Earth and touched it gently and really felt how alive it is?  It was an awesome experience.  I too touched the bare Earth with my hand, I could feel the prickling electric charges.  At first it is like your hand is going to sleep, then it gets greater and the charges move up your arm like little lightening strikes.  It was truly amazing. 

I recommend that you go and sit on Mother Earth and touch her gently.  Think about what you can do to help protect her from being ravaged and used up. What good will that be to any of us and our future generations to follow.  We should be protecting the place we call home, honor and respect and protect the gifts the Earth provides.  Can we afford not to TOUCH THE EARTH GENTLY?


  1. I went out in my backyard this morning and let the wind bombard me with leaves. The air smelled so clean and alive and I thanked the Creator for letting me be alive. Aho

  2. Aho, my friend...... the air is amazing today!

    As I read my blog, always searching for a mis-spelling or whatever. I took a moment to look at the clouds in the picture posted. Do you see the face? Do you see what looks like a hand holding a white buffalo? I have goosebumps! Awesome.........