Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Fragile Backyard Eco-System

Little pond 2009
I am in a quandary now that spring has come.  I have some issues that need my attention and very quickly.  I can't seem to make up my mind how to handle the effects of our little Eco-system in the back yard.  

Last winter my little pond where my twenty year old goldfish have lived, was damaged when a large fallen branch punctured a hole in the liner.  I took the pump out and caught the fish and moved them to the horse tank for the winter.  Due to the constant rain, I have been unable to put in a new liner and the fish have been happy enough in the horse tank.  Until yesterday........  disaster came with warmer temperatures, my big beautiful fish suffered from the warmer water and of the 8 fish, I lost four.  In a panic to save the other four, they were quickly immersed in cold water and I am happy to say, those four, are doing fine this morning.  I have two little fish and two twenty year olds left. 

frog pond 2011
I know I must get the pond back in working order.  When I came back to the house after the fish crisis, I go to the partially filled pond and two frogs jump into the water.  That is when I realize that they have made the pond their home and probably have little tadpoles swimming around in that large greenish puddle of a water.  Taking out the liner of the pond requires everything to be out, plants, frogs and whatever else might be living there.

The question I have, can I destroy one Eco-system to accommodate another system.  The fish need fresher clean water with a pump to circulate the water to keep the oxygen levels good and frogs like quiet, less clean water to call home.  I am trying to figure out a way to keep my goldfish happy in cool and in clean water. I also want to allow the frogs to grow and live at my back door.

It is hard for me to decide one over another, I pray for an answer, stay tuned...........


  1. Cindy -- The answer is easy! You need to dig a second pond!

  2. I agree... you might consider digging next to the one you have and then melding the two....You may have to upset the balance for a short time. The liner would have to be placed carefully, but you might be able to transfer the water from #1 into #2. CD

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