Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, February 20, 2012

Seven Years Ago......

a few of my collection....

LOVE the Native American style flute.  There, I have said it and now you will find that I am totally addicted to flutes, the sound of flutes, flute circles, and anything else that involves the Native American flute.  I am a fan of musicians that play and go to concerts all over the country to hear them play their songs.  Many of these players have taught classes and given personal one on one tips, and become friends.  I can't say that I am talented or amazing, but I love to play my songs, the ones from my heart and that is all that is necessary to make me happy.  I am honored to have many friends around the country that play the flute and we are all a big family, one that understands the need for flutes in our life.

The flute and I are coming on an anniversary of sorts.  It has been SEVEN years since I tried to play my first flute.  (the number seven is special alone)  I went to my first flute circle in February of 2005, only to listen to others play flute music.  At that circle they "just happened" to have some flutes that were made and brought to another to use for teaching students elsewhere.  Having those flutes available that day, we were ask (told) to pick one and would be taught to play.  I hesitated, I have no previous musical ability, played no instruments, could not read music, lacked any ability to carry a tune, I am totally rhythm challenged and someone thinks I can play a flute!

Well after discovering I could cover the finger holes and the right warm sweet breath blown into the air chamber of the flute would produce a wonderful full sound coming from the humble wooden flute I was holding was the most magical moment of my life.  I couldn't believe I made that sound.........   I was hooked immediately, I am sure my eyes were wide in disbelief, only because as I have since taught others, I have seen that look on their faces.  It is a moment of truth when your breath and the flute join together, you have music at your fingertips.   I believe with all my heart, if I can play, anyone can play!!!! 

Massie Creek Flute Circle.... 

I came home from that flute circle and ordered my first flute from a friend.   I'd know him from doing same art show and he makes and plays Native American style flutes.  From there the song inside me began to sing.  I began to hear notes, I didn't know where they were coming from, just notes of music in the air, in my dreams and I felt they were my musical notes slowing revealing themselves to me.  Later I would hear a song.  I still hear it, as real as if the cd player was on, I find myself looking around for where it might be coming.  It is there, surrounding me, tumbling through the leaves,  a thread of wonder around me, weaving its sound into my heart and connecting it to nature, to love and peacefulness. 

Many of my flutes are very special, they each have their own story, their own history.  The wood ranges from traditional cedar, to maple, walnut, oak or bamboo.  Some are crooked branches that were picked from the ground, one is a leg bone from a deer, another an antler.  I have classic plain flutes and beautiful carved end flutes that look like my favorite birds.  I have flutes made from men and from women.  Each flute has a story and as I play them I add to the story of that flute. 

My Elk Flute, Key F, it's all about the heart.....
The spirit in which these flutes were made by their maker, carries a part of that maker to me and becomes a part of my spirit songs.  Anyone who honors me with a song on my flute also adds to the spirit of my flute.  And so the history and spirit of the flute grows as it is played and shared with the public world or with the trees.  The song tumbles out into the universe creating peace as it ripples forward, touching the grasses, the tree leaves, and the flowing stream of water.  Can you hear the song?  Can you feel the peace coming to your heart?  It's there, take a moment, close your eyes and just listen.

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