Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rain On My Window

Last night I was sleeping peacefully, and after my knee surgery that is quite a statement!  While lost in dreamland, I heard the rain hitting my bedroom window.  Out of nowhere I had a childhood flashback and wondered what I'd left out in the rain and would it be okay.........    I haven't had this thought in years.  I mentally went through my yesterday to see if I'd left something outside to get wet and possibly ruined. 

Well, I have nothing left outside from yesterday, all my dogs are accounted for and are snoring nearby.  I haven't been playing baseball with the neighbors, so my glove isn't sitting on the lawn chair at the back door.  My bike is no longer tied to the tree, as it was my horse before I got my first horse, and my exercise bike is in the living room taunting me now.  I haven't left my shoes at the door because I was to lazy to clean the mud off of them before coming in the house and all of my layers of clothing did find their way to the house as I slowly removed the scarf, the vest and sweatshirt because the day warmed up nicely.

So at 4:30 AM, I am awake, listening to the rain, watching the lightening and hearing the thunder.  I love spring rains!

This morning the sun is trying to shine, everything looks washed clean, green things are more abundant than they were last week.  Soon the daffodils will be blooming.  The robins have joined in the spring chorus of song birds that spend their winter in our back yard.  Everyday I watch for the red-winged blackbirds and listen for their song.  I have noticed the geese are paired up now, they are looking for the perfect nesting area and will start laying eggs very soon.  The sparrows are already trying to lay claim on the bluebird boxes and I am going to have to start cleaning out their nests in hopes of a bluebird pair moving in.

My goal this year is to round up all of my old bluebird boxes.  I had 50 out on neighbors fence posts throughout the years and I will need to repair them.  Then I am going to put them on posts in my empty horse pasture and begin to monitor them again on a weekly basis.  I am hoping to make the empty horse pasture a meadow filled with  birds nesting and a natural habitat for butterflies and other critters to enjoy.  Now I have to figure out how to explain this to my farmer husband..........

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