Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Six Senses and Fairies

Only a few days ago I wrote of winter and spring, the great battle between cold and warm.  Well, yesterday and today spring is winning big time.  Your senses are filled with the wonder. 

Just a breath deep, the earth is coming alive, like a wonderful perfume the earth has a special scent in the spring.  I inhale deeply and savor the earthy scent.

Listen, the songs of the birds is more exciting. I hear joyful new songs of birds flocking back after being gone all winter.  Yesterday I heard the killdeer as I took my walk.   You know of course with each changing season the birds also change their songs.  Spring is all about courting, song and plumage change to attract their mates for the coming season. 

Look at the flowers pushing their way toward sunlight.  My daffodils are pushing through leaves of fall to become the highlight of my early spring garden.  I see Iris leaves pushing up, the colors of the ground plants are changing their dormant dark green to a newer brighter green. 

Touch the soft catkins of the pussy willows, they are just starting to reveal themselves.  I love bringing branches into the house so that spring comes inside.
Touch the ground, still cold, but no longer ice cold.  If it snows now the earth is warmer and it melts off more quickly.

The last sense, little known or acknowledged is the kinesthetic sense........  this is the unconscious sense of knowledge.  You just know something, I call this instinct.  People lived with it long before there were clocks or calendars.  I know spring is closer than normal this year.  I feel it.  Sure we may still get some winter days, but they are fewer and fewer as we move quickly through February. 

My gardens sparkle in the sunshine this morning.  I have wonderful little strings with mirrors and stain glass shards hanging from branches and hooks.  I have beautiful crystals hanging in unusual places, catching the light of the sun they change colors as they spin on their string with the slightest breeze.  I can see the fairies dancing with the sparkles of light, their magic is already working in the gardens.  They gather around the plants and cheer them on, the cover the seeds that the milkweed scattered in the fall so the Monarchs have a place to lay their eggs.  The Fairies linger in the sunshine with their bright gossamer wings, their magic is renewed and the gardens are happy, and so am I, it is spring today.......... 

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