Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, January 11, 2010

January Sunrise

I went outside early yesterday, at the time our beautiful sun was rising.  A spectacular event it was.  We have had endless days of gray skies and several days of snow.  It is January after-all, not all that unexpected.  What made today special was the sun trying it's best to peek through the winter clouds.  The snow that fell the last three days was light and powdery.  That was due to the already cold temperatures.  Had it been warmer, it would have been a wet and heavy snow.  At night the snow glistened from the cold, it sparkles like glass as the porch light shown across our back yard.

This snow gently covered the branches of our pine trees.  Landing softly on every branch of the naked maple trees.  The event was very magical and fairy like and I was a part of it, I was going to record this morning sunrise with my camera.

The birds are already busy at the gourd feeder, feasing on black oil sunflower seeds and thistle seed for the goldfinches.  I love watching the birds come, nuthatches, tufted titmouse, beautiful red cardinals, a blue jay or two and a variety of sparrows, the crown, the song, even the naughty English sparrows.  I love watching the woodpeckers come, they always get their seed and then go to their favorite tree to break the shell off and then eat the inside.  I notice the junkos and the doves prefer to eat the seed droppings on the ground.  Occasionally the starlings come to see if there is something they like, they don't like the black oil sunflower seeds.  I am happy to see them leave quickly.

I went outside yesterday with my camera to capture the sunrise.  I was still in my jammies, just throwing on a coat and putting on shoes so as not to miss this morning event.  These moments pass so quickly and I didn't want to miss anything!  It was so quiet outside, the snow muffles the sounds of far off traffic, it seems to be protecting not only the plants that are resting underneath, but protecting us from the harshness of naked trees, of brown grass and even our own footsteps.  I quickly take pictures, before my camera freezes from the cold and refuses to take anymore shots.  The warm air from my breath creates a fog on my glasses and I can hardly see my camera, I just take pictures and hope I captured the moment.  I was part of that sunrise and said my thanks to each of the directions while I shivered a little while outside in a cold snow covered land. 

I went back into the house, with rosy cheeks, foggy glasses, snow covered shoes and a big smile.  It was wonderful to be outside, to catch a moment of magic in January.

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