Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On A Winters Day

This blog will be quite Meander-ing, I have been pondering what to write about on a day in January.  It is cold and the landscape is snow covered.  I know there are things I should be doing and will do, someday.

I always think this is the perfect time to clean a closet or a drawer.  If I just cleaned one little space a day, imagine how free of clutter my house would be by spring!  So I started on a random cupboard in the kitchen.  I did clean all three shelves, everything came out and the most unused things went back into the cupboard in the back or on the top shelf.  I didn't throw that much out, maybe I picked the wrong cupboard to start my cleaning and purging, but it looks much tidier.

I tried cleaning out a sock drawer...........  I have warm wool socks and fleece socks for cold winter days. I have a few dress socks and lots of footies for summer tennis shoes.  Only one pair was excluded because of a hole in the toe.  Okay, that was too easy, lets move on the the t-shirts.  I have a million t-shirts, most are stained with paint, shoe polish and glue from wearing them in the studio.  I will keep these, they were once my best shirts, then I got side tracked in the studio after returning from somewhere and somehow ruined them.  Others are just faded from wearing so much and then there are the favorites that have a food stain on them. I always think maybe if I try another cleaning product it will magically come clean.  So much for cleaning the t-shirt pile!     

Move on to the sewing room.......  This is not a room I sew in any more.  I don't want to sew, except for a repair on that favorite shirt I accidentally snagged on a hay bale wire in the barn while feeding the horses.  This room became the wrapping room during Christmas.  So I will again pack up the paper and cloth bags, organize the paper bags I bought on sale after Christmas.  I will put all the labels, pens/markers, tape and tags in a special container for easy access when wrapping something later in the year.  Christmas stuff is tidy again, but what about the layer below it, the things that didn't find a place before it became the wrapping room.  Hummmm, guess I'll do that another day......

Cleaned the refigrator yesterday, throwing out stuff left over from Christmas.  Wow, can Christmas really have been two weeks ago!  I just knew when I put the leftover potatoes in here we'd eat them, but we didn't.  And what is this half eaten cheeseball doing, doesn't look nearly as appealing as it did Christmas eve.  You get the picture..........  now there is room in the ole frig!  Maybe I need to go to the grocery now.

It might help to put the Christmas decorations away, that would make a big impact on the way things look.  It is only the sixth of January, this would be out of character to do it so early.  I am already tired of cleaning, I think I will go out to the studio and work on gourds!  That is a perfect way to spend a cold, snowy winter day, being creative and loving every moment of it!

top left, tools that sit on my work table with white sage burning.
bottom right, Spirit Kitty and yes, she is the Queen....

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  1. I am dying!! Thank goodness I am not alone in my efforts to clean, organize, become more efficient!!! LOL! I am so grateful to know you are there too!