Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Power of Flutes

Yesterday I purchased two new Native American woodland style flutes.  Both were created by my friend and Brother, Billy Crowbeak and painted by his lovely wife, Kosh.   My intention was to pick up a beautifully carved Ivory Billed Woodpecker flute and bring it home to introduce to my other flutes.  The Ivory Billed flute is a beauty, and the sound magical.  I was so excited!   I also saw laying on the trunk another beautiful flute.  I ask the Billy if  he would play this flute for me.  I find it difficult to say what occurred, I felt a vibration happening inside my chest, it was my heart.  I totally felt the medicine of the Elk flute.

I have learned that the elk to the Lakota people has the healing medicine of love.  Could it be why my heart was so effected when I heard the song coming from this flute?  We took turns playing this flute throughout the afternoon, my friend Linda, then Billy and myself.  Each time it was played it had the same effect on me. Before leaving I realized I didn't know what key this elk flute was, for some reason it hadn't been marked on the flute.  Billy left to put it to the tuner and see.......  it was an F.   This was a certain sign the flute was calling me, the Key of F is the musical note to identify the Heart Chakra.  This only made the decision to purchase second flute easier.

As my flute collection grows, I remember back to my third flute circle.  I came to this meeting with my second wooden flute.  It's interesting to me now, it
was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Billy Crowbeak and seeing his flutes.  I said that day to our flute circle leader, when he noticed my new flute; "yes, this is my second flute, I think I have enough now."  He laughed and laughed and stumbled his way over to Billy Crowbeak and told him what I said.  They both knew far more about the power of the flute than I had yet to discover.

I find this to be another interesting web regarding paths crossing and later becoming a trail to one another's door. I never in my wildest dreams would have expected to find such a kind hearted friend in that flute-maker at our flute circle four years ago.  And yet today, it's as if I've know Billy Crowbeak forever.  I am proud to call him my Brother.

As for my flute obscession............  I think the only cure is to enjoy each flute and the songs that they bring to me.  I beleive they have changed the direction of my journey.  I have a calmness about me that I enjoy every moment.  I have a song to sing, that I never knew before flutes.  I share my love and songs with anyone who wants to know and I honor the gift of medicine each flute offers.   I am truly grateful and blessed by the flutes, their songs and the people who craft them.

Pictures:  upper left, Elk Flute
               lower right, Ivory Billed Woodpecker

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