Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Farrier

This week my farrier came to trim my horse's hooves.  This is a requirement if you want to keep your horse sound and on his feet properly.  This hoof trimming happens about every seven weeks throughout the year.
The horses don't seem to mind, at least my horses don't, they have been handled enough in their lives, this is just part of their life.

I've had several farriers throughout my life with horses.  They all shared a common interest in horses and some were better than others at their job.  One of my favorite was a woman...........   Shocking maybe, but she is still one of the best!  When she called me on the phone one day long ago, I wasn't looking for a new farrier.  For some reason I ask her questions about shoeing endurance horses, she had all of the right answers and I agreed to meet with her and just talk about horses.  The meeting changed my life.  She became one of my dearest friends and she did an amazing job shoeing my horses.  We ended up spending many hours riding horses on trails together.  We might still be riding together if she didn't live so far away and my knees weren't so rickety.  

The farrier I have now it a very laid back, quiet and a wonderful man.   He respects the horse, takes time if they seem a little anxious and he does a great job for my old retired horses.  He is also a person I love talking with.  I find it interesting how easy it is for some men to just enjoy talking to women.  Randy is one of  those guys.  When he finishes with the horses, we always go into the studio and just talk about things.
We talk about the state of the world and the way things used to be, you know, back in the day.  Our favorite conversations revolve around birds, we love to talk about the birds.  Then we talk about being out in the woods, away from the world.  What it does for the inside of us, how it calms us.  He loves to hike and finds himself drawn to a good trail in the woods, a rippling stream and the sounds of the forest. 

When we sat in the studio on Tuesday, I showed him my new flutes, I played for him and he seemed to enjoy it.  He said of my flutes, "wow, it just kind of touches you inside".  Yep, he totally "gets it".  Then he turned to my big powwow drum and told me how he loves the drum, how it makes him feel when he hears it, how it draws him in and he wants to be near it.  He said things to most men don't share with women.  I like that in a person, in a man. 

When he was leaving, standing with the door open.  He said to me, "Thanks for this time to sit and talk.  I love coming here and being reminded of the things that are important to me." 

Thanks Randy, for being kind to my horses and understanding the important things.  My heart is happy.

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