Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, September 10, 2010

Circle of Life

Accomplishments are in the eyes of the beholder.   My wonderful husband could walk in the door this very moment and find me at the computer and think I've done nothing all day.   You see, I was also here this morning when he left.  Some things have happened today, I went to an early lunch with a sweet friend.  We must have talked for two hours. 
On the way home I felt fall in the air.  The day is perfect, the cerulean blue sky, a cool breeze rustles the leaves on the trees.  Amazing how in just ten days the leaves begin to take on a different sound and color.  We so need a rain, the ground is dusty where the horses walk, as they search for some grass worth grazing on.  The pasture has been baled again, my field of butterflies moved on to other places because of that, some have just moved closer to the gardens at the house.   I noticed the other day, while I was running water for the horses, the number of dragonflies that were in the air, catching flies and mosquitoes. 

I linger on the conversations my friend and I shared at lunch.  It is too late, I think, to start a new project in the studio.  I opted for a little nap in the hammock, it has been very neglected this summer.  I had to gather some fleece throws to put around me, because it is a little chilly in the shade of the big old trees today.  I know it will be a short pause in my day, I didn't bring enough blankets to the hammock, I am quickly chilled from the breeze and no amount of positive thinking will warm me up if I get cold.  I cover my head, it helps somehow keep me a little warmer.  I hear far off airplanes, my dogs rustling fallen leaves under the hammock, the cat with the bell on her collar is somewhere nearby too.  I hear the little fish pond waterfall and then I notice something I don't hear!  Are the hummingbirds gone, oh my gosh, it is time for them to move on.  I make a note to go and sit on the porch later to watch for them at the feeder.  I know it is very close to the date they always leave our little yard.  Fewer birds are at my feeders now, they are finding seeds from plants elsewhere.  The cheerful goldfinches land on swaying grasses and thistles and feast on seeds in the wild.  I wonder if they are loosing their summer yellows.

Soon I sleep, only an hour at most, my feet get cold.   I hear the slam of our mailbox out front, the mail has come and I am hoping for a package today.  A natural remedy for an ailment my two old horses have.  I say a little prayer it will be helpful to them.  Not a cure, but maybe some relief for them, they suffer from Cushing's disease.  I am again reminded that I live with all old critters now.  My horse is twenty nine and Trisha's horse is twenty four.  The mini, is probably twenty six.  My dogs are fourteen, twelve and eleven. I don't want to think about the days ahead. 

My meanderings have put me in a awkward place, how does one end a story that started with a beautiful fall day?  I think of the things I've learned about the change of seasons and here we are in the early stages of fall.  I have learned, it is with everything there is a beginning and an end, a circle of life is traveled by all who walk this earth.  We are all part of that circle, it can't be changed.  Enjoy today, the beauty of the sunshine in the blue sky.  Enjoy the people and critters you hold dear, it is truly the best gift in the world.  Yes, it was a nice lunch with my sweet friend, it's been a wonderful day.

Photos:  upper left:   Knipper and Bones
Black lab is Jessie
Gabby is sitting on the blue rug
Lily on the sidewalk
Chance eating hay last winter


  1. What a wonderful day you enjoyed! It is a blessing just to read about it. Sending blessings your way for another wonderful day - today!

  2. Thank you so much Diane. It is another wonderful day, it might rain, so much we need a good all day soaking and cleansing rain. Plus, my daughter and grandchildren are coming. It will be filled with giggles and activity! :D