Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Looking Ahead

Sometimes things just have a way of getting away from me.  I go along day to day, getting lost in my own world.  That world changes from friends and family, to flutes, painting and gourds.  Of course, there are other things that also steal my time, things less obvious.  For instance, normal daily things like laundry, cleaning, watering flowers, computer time and mowing.   Then there are things in which you have no control, a much needed nap in the tipi,  wonderful friends that stop by to visit or a long needed phone call with a far off friend.  I love that these things happen and I am open to all the possibilities.  Yes, I love it all and I need it all!

Suddenly I realize it is September and I have so much to do, I could be overwhelmed quickly and could easily panic.  I haven't done nearly enough gourd work this summer.  I really would like to put some new pieces in Village Artisans, give my display some new energy for the fall season!  I also need to work toward my eighth annual Wild Gourd Studio open house in November!  More gourds to replace some that have sold this summer show season.  Plus, I have two shows coming up that I'd like to do some special pieces for.  One show is related to the Yellow Springs Studio Art Tour.  I will be a guest artist of my friend, Kathy Moulton.  My booth will be set up at her house during the Yellow Springs Studio Tours.  So anyone coming to participate in the studios tours this year will see two artists at each stop!  I also will be doing a show in Eureka Springs, AR over Thanksgiving weekend.   I'd love to get new work done for all of these events! 

There is also another project that I am working on that requires me to paint.  I am still not ready to announce this project, it is still in the infant stages of development and is just getting off the ground.  I hope to share more very soon, just know that it will take more thoughtful painting than just "playing" with acrylic paint on a canvas! 

So why am I sitting here in front of the computer, writing a blog?   I think I have an answer to that.  I have this other side of me that requires me to write.  Actually, it is a good thing, writing helps me process things, gets it in some order and helps me organize my brain with these fast moving thoughts.  It helps me to slow down the racing ideas in my head and focus on particular thoughts, this clears the way for more stuff to race around.  It is not unlike cleaning a closet.  Neatly folding and hanging things, creating some order, low and behold, there is a lot more room now for more stuff!   Woohoo!   If only I could really get my closets clean!

I'm now focused and heading to the studio, gourds are calling my name!!!! 


  1. Hmmm... I'd rather write than clean closets! Though closet cleaning has inspired some writing.

  2. Amazing what inspires writing, right now I seem to be at a loss.......... ;/

  3. Your "closet" sounds so much more organized than mine! I need to make some changes in my brain. Thanks for giving me some tips. ^_^