Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flute Gathering

Yesterday we had a gathering of the Massie Creek Flute Circle.  September surprised us with a very chilly morning and a good breeze.  I start the morning setting the chairs and tables up for my flute friends.  Getting the big drum out and my flutes and prepared the area with my own little ceremony. 

I was ready, or so I thought.  As my friends gathered under the shade of the trees, the breeze seemed to pick up.  I am shocked at the difference a week makes.  The weekend before we were sweating in ninety plus temperatures!  Today it's in the sixties.  The sky was clear and then the big fluffy clouds move through.  No warmth coming from the sun this flute circle meeting!  I started gathering fleece throws and other blankets for people to cover themselves as we sat in the yard.  Fingers were cold and flutes lost their voices to the breeze.  We persisted, we are truly harden flute aholics! 

A particularly large group gathered today, I think everyone needed to connect again.  After last weekends experience at Sunwatch, we were all a little lonesome for our little flute community to be in touch.  To share their new flutes and the songs those flutes have given, to tell their stories and to just be connected again.

My favorite part of the day dealt with everyone sharing the beginning of their journey with the flute.  Many stories were new to me, some brought tears to my eyes.  Again I feel we have been blessed.  We are all on a road that was a little unexpected, a turning point that totally has changed the direction of our lives.  Often we think our story is uniquely individual and we learn again our stories are so similar.  Each person that shared was sure it was only the beginning of  their flute journey, there is more in their future.  We are a family of flute people, traveling a path together with love, acceptance and the gift of music from our beautiful Native American style flutes! 

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