Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, September 27, 2010


I started this blog a week ago, when I found that I had scheduled two events for the same day.  I am usually so careful about my calendar of events, for some reason it is now becoming a worrisome condition.  Way back in the early summer, I scheduled a drum making class as a creative event for "Getaway Weekends" in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  If someone wants to schedule something this weekend, they are offered several choices of planned events they can register for, making a drum was such a class.  I could have one person sign up or ten.  As yet, September 27, no one has signed up for a drum making class.

Later in the summer I was honored to be ask if I wanted to participate in the Yellow Spring Artist Studio Tour, by being a guest of an already established studio artist.  There are many artists in and around Yellow Springs and the studios are opened to visit with the artist, see the space they work in and even learn about an art form you might not have understood.  I was invited to set my booth up at her home and be the second artist on site.  I would possibly demonstrate some gourd work and offer my gourds for sale.   What an exciting event for me to do, I accepted this offer gleefully, totally forgetting about the Drum Making class for the Getaway Weekend.

Before discovering my mistake in scheduling these two events, I also sent dates to our Village Artisans schedule fairy.  I ask for early in the month dates to work at the Village Artisan co-op, the end of the month was already pretty full.  You'll never guess what date I said would work fine?  Yes, yes, the sixteenth!   And so I am scheduled to work in the shop on the sixteenth as well as the drum making class and the studio tour.  I am working to find someone who will trade work days with me.

I juggled the other conflict by offering the gourd drum making class on the sixteenth between 8AM to 11AM and then off to the YS Artist Studio Tour to demonstrate in my booth from 11AM to 6PM.  Things can be juggled around, if we remain flexible.  Seriously, I think my need to be flexible is being stretched to the maximum.

I'm also wondering what the number sixteen means..............  

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