Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just For a Moment

I am packed, the house is in okay shape to leave for a week, bills are paid and my thoughts are not as frantic as they were in my last post.  What didn't get done will be here when I get back.  If I forgot something then maybe I didn't need it! 

I took a moment to stop everything this afternoon.  I sat in the fall sunshine.  I felt the breeze on my face.  Everything was quiet and yet I could hear things often missed in the crazy everyday hustle.  The leaves rustled in the trees, a few drifted to the ground with the other colorful leaves scattered about in the yard. It smells like fall.  I hear a nuthatch pecking out some insect in the bark of a tree.  An acorn falls, I recall watching a Blue Jay picking some up as I looked out my window the other day.  The wind whistles through the pine trees, I'm being pulled by the wild wolf in me, yearning to go to the woods and rest under the pines.  The sun warms me as I shiver about the thought of being a wolf in a pine forest.

A shadow falls across the yard and I see the turkey vulture soars high above.  There is a place nearby that they gather and roost at night.  Just the other morning I saw them before they caught that updraft to lift them high into the sky.  I was lucky enough to have my camera nearby for a picture.

Nature holds so many delights, all there, just waiting for us to feel, see, hear and touch them.  I'm glad I took just a moment to enjoy them.  I am in constant gratitude.............

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