Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, March 14, 2011

Changing Times and Time Changing......

Looking forward to these blooming......
I'm pretty sure spring is coming, because of the "clock springing forward" event, I really dislike changing time.  My clock in the living room is right again after five months of being "wrong".  I aways thought I was pretty flexible about things, this time change shows me I'm not.  I always deplored it when my kids were younger, getting them up earlier, sending them off to school.  Do children and teachers in school yearn for an afternoon nap like I do? 

The animals don't understand either.  My sleepy eyed dogs look at me when I try getting up an hour earlier after the time change.  An extra cup of coffee is needed this morning, I'm not ready to start the day.  I seem to linger longer over breakfast and morning bird watching.  Getting back my hour before moving into the day.  This will go on for awhile, gradually my mind and body make the change.

I look at this time changing thing as just another year of changing times for me and I don't really like it.  My birthday is rolling around, all too quickly it seems.  I celebrate and rejoice that I am still having birthdays and yet, I am another year older and changes keep coming.  My hair is not as dark as I think it is, sometimes I am surprised when I look in the mirror.  When I wash my hair it is really dark, when I finish fussing with it I see how grey it is!  You may remember back in August I got this bright idea to let my hair grow.  Well, it is still growing, the grey seems more obvious than ever.  Is this an illusion, I know it would have been just as grey short.

Changing times, seems to include my ability to get anything done quickly.   Am I really moving slower or is the world moving faster?  I still haven't gotten the yard cleaned up from the February first ice storm.  I have finally ask the kids to come help, it's what I want for my Birthday this year.  Everything takes longer to get done anymore.  I really don't like that!

Changing times includes losses.  The losses that hurt the heart, friends, family and critters who have made their journey to the spirit world.  I don't like this the most, it is hard to say goodbye.  Not only to those who left, but to those memories that were still a part of me because of them.  I know I still have the memories, I just don't have them to remind me of those moments we shared.  They all are greatly missed. 

Changing times brings with it the good things too.  I love being able to plan my day around the things I love doing the most, having the kids and grand kids for a visit,  working in the studio on gourds, paintings or any other whim that comes to me.  I can join friends to drum and play flutes without too many conflicts.  I can enjoy the gathered knowledge of my youth and celebrate it as wisdom now. 

Changing time has brought new discoveries into my life, nothing you can see physically, they are the things that happen inside.  A calmness has come to me in recent years.  My spirit is happy with the ability to live in the moment.  Letting go of the things that hurt so much no longer seem important.  I accept that we are all on our own journey and we are the makers of our journey.

I look forward to spring, a rebirth of all things, I look and see flowers coming up, hear the joyous songs of the birds, watch for new baby calves, lambs and foals in the farm pastures.  I know the sun is warmer and the winter wheat is green.  I know my birthday means another year of growing and learning. 

Yes, I celebrate another spring of time changing and another birthday with changing times.

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  1. Wonderful about changeing times Cynthia. Instad of saying you are getting a year older, you could say that you have got a year wiser ;)