Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Is At Tractor Supply!

Yesterday I was out and about locally, went to art class and stopped at the local TSC to pick up food for the critters.  I was in the dog food isle when my ears picked up this tiny sound and I knew spring was really here.  The every so sweet sound of peeping was heard and I abandon my cart with it's critter food and even my purse to go see the baby chicks.

Last year's tulips
Oh, I love the the baby chicks!  I couldn't resist picking them up and holding their soft little downy bodies.  I inhaled their new baby smell too.  Oh, my childhood came rushing back.........   We used to get baby chicks every spring.  I loved hearing them peep, I love to watch them learn to scratch the ground corncob covered floor of the giant cardboard box, I loved watch them eat, drink and sleep in a warm soft pile.  I loved watching them challenge one another to little chest bumping fights.  And then within days their little feather began to grow from their fluffy little bodies, wings first and then some tail feathers.  When they started growing feathers on their bodies it was time for them to go to the chicken house and the babies became teenagers, scraggly and funny looking.  My other favorite memory was of them learning to crow.  It was such a hoot hearing those first attempts.

I talked to my wonderful husband, again, about having chickens.  Having fresh eggs each morning did not tempt him very much.  He knew down the road, he'd be dealing with the frozen water on cold winter mornings.  He'd be the one cleaning the chicken house and chasing them out of the big barn where they might decide to roost on a tractor.   My big job would be naming them and gathering the eggs.   I guess we won't be getting chickens this year........

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  1. Ah... You could just get a few. Then there's not as many to chase. Randy says they are the best critters on the farm in terms of the work to reward ratio!

    Hey, you have a birthday coming up, right? Wouldn't you just love some Buckeye eggs to incubate?