Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Wanna' "Do Over"

Redbuds blooming.....
I wanna go back to bed and start the day again!  Who would have guessed when I awoke to sparkling sunshine it would be such a challenging day.  First and probably the worst was having a 9am appointment to have the car serviced.  I have no one to blame but myself, I made the appointment, I wanted to get my running done in the morning.  I'd planned on a trip to the grocery afterwards. 

Who would have thought there would be three cars ahead of me when I pulled into line at the dealership!  Strangely enough it took less time than normally, so you never really know..........  I'm getting the car ready for a trip to Florida!  Musical Echoes, here we come!

On my way to get groceries, I thought a little stop at my favorite bookstore would be in order, after all I am still going to get groceries way earlier than originally planned, I have time.  Just stepping into my favorite bookstore gave me an instant "high".  My nostrils quickly inhaled the wonderful smell of coffee, I don't even need to drink it to get my "fix".  Heavenly!  Then of course there are the books.  I LOVE books!  I made it out with only four books and no coffee.   Woohoo, on to the grocery. 

Then it happened, the first snag in my plans, I get to the car with my precious books and start looking for my key.  Guess where I found it?  Inside my locked car.  This is where things start going down hill quickly!  I remember that I dropped AAA when they wouldn't come and rescue me from the side of the road a couple years previous.  They couldn't send a tow truck when I couldn't give them an exact address of my location.  I was sitting along a major state highway between two corn fields, no street address here!  My wonderful husband saved me that day.  Today, I knew he would not be happy if he had to come to my rescue when he is trying to mow before the next six days of rain come.  Fortunately my sweet daughter-in-law was home, she was just in her attic cleaning, she couldn't wait to stop cleaning to come save me!  There was nothing to do but console myself with a cup of coffee in my favorite bookstore.  It was about thirty minutes before I was on the move again, thanks to sweet Tere.

On the road again and  headed to the grocery for particular items, of course I'd forgotten my list and don't you know, it was only after I left the store I realized I'd forgotten one of the most important reasons for going.  Not going back in and walk to go to the back of the store for one item.  I'll go to a little grocery on the way home, run in and get out quickly.  What was I thinking, I go inside, get my item and of course a couple other things and wanted to pay by check.  Oh, the cashier says, "I need to see your drivers license."  I'm thinking, "Of course you do and  I left it in the car accidentally."  As it turns out I didn't save myself any time or steps, I may as well have walked to the back of the first grocery!

Finally heading home.  I decide to drive home the back way, a distraction for me to enjoy the scenery and actually appreciate the sunshine and the now blooming redbud trees.  It was so nice to feel sunshine, starting to improve my spirits somewhat.  I got home carried in the groceries and still think I wanna' "Do Over".  It would have been more fun to enjoy the entire day!

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  1. But you got a beautiful photo out of the morning! And, I bet you got to enjoy some of that sunshine.