Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Taking Pictures

Grandpa's truck filled with
lovely grand children!
Tatum and McKinley
Oh, it was a great idea, to get the family together and take pictures.  Probably the last time that happened was for Trisha and Bill's wedding, eleven years ago.  It seems every time we talked about a photo session, something would happen and we'd put it off until later.

Kellen and Aidan

Yesterday, April 23, 2011, it happened.  Trisha, our coordinator, found the photographer and with much difficulty, a date and time was agreed upon.  Everyone was to gather for outdoor pictures at our house at ten thirty in the morning.  I have to say, even though everyone agreed, it doesn't mean they were thrilled about it!  We all seem to have this "thing" about having our pictures taken. 

Caitlyn and Elizabeth
None of us considered that we would have excessive amounts of rain for the month of April.  Our yard was so squishy wet, only nest building robins and ducks would enjoy being out there!  Weather forecast for the date and time was calling for more rain, right up until Friday night.  Then out of nowhere, it changed, suppose to be a break in the rain between 8am and the afternoon.  Looking good for pictures.  We had to change locations, something less muddy, it was decided to go to the gardens around the Village Artisans shop in Yellow Springs.  Oh dear, more protests, the threat of the event being cancelled was big! 

Finally the moment came, the family gathered, everyone looked as fresh as spring itself, everyone smiled, no small children had meltdowns, and no muddy shoes.  I was very happy it all worked out, I love that our children and grandchildren have now recorded the moment to history for future generations.

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