Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Old Photos

Photos are stashed in our house in an assortment of ways.  I always took such such pride in keeping them organized and then something happened.  I think I would call it life.  A time when having time to do more than take a picture was the most I could manage.  Photo albums have been started, with gaps in time and events and nothing was added.  Oh, I could probably fill in the gaps, if I could remember what box those pictures are in and the dates for that box.  I wasn't very good at writing information on the back. 

I have come to appreciate photos with names on the back.  We recently inherited some pictures from my wonderful husbands Aunt and Uncle's home.  We have seen pictures never seen by our eyes before.  Pictures of his grandparents, of his parents when they were young and cousins.  I see old homes and cars and once again long to get my photos dated and named.

Recently, I have discovered a branch of my family tree that has been hidden from me all my life.  The excitement of knowing I have three younger brothers that I never knew, brings joy to my heart.  The oldest of these brothers has become the link to a lost family.  He is graciously sharing family pictures from our common relatives.  Pictures of grandparents, aunts, cousins and brothers.  These are not just pictures to me, they are a history, a connection to family. 

Most pictures are handed down when there is a death in the family and  then put away until later and others in the family may never get to see them.   All the photos from my husbands childhood went to his oldest sister when his mother passed.  Recently his sister passed away and I don't know where these pictures are now.  Not only would she have recognized many in the photos, she knew stories and family connections, the history.  That information is now gone.  I am making note to talk to my nieces about these pictures today.  We need to sit down and go through them.

All of this makes me anxious...........  will I ever be organized enough to get our family photos recorded with names and dates?  I think I see a future "family project" in the works...........

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