Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Again, I Try to Organize

My brain, blue swirled with layers of
ideas, projects and information!
What Artist Clutter must look like!
This morning I am sitting at my computer and wondering about a blog.....    Yesterday I was looking at my previous blogs and wondering after 201 posts if there could possibly be anything I haven't touched on, wanted to share or wanted to record for a history of my life journey. 

Then it happened, I just had to organize these writings, I have been trying to make a hard copy of them, just because I'm not sure I can trust that my computer won't decide to hold them hostage and never allow them to be seen by me again!  I know, trust is a two way street and yet, I am a little posessive of my writings.  Some might call me paranoid and others would say I'm smart!

Making a hard copy is the last thing I want to do after I publish a writing.  I might be lazy or just tired of sitting at the computer.  Or maybe I'm afraid my wonderful husband is going to "catch" me still sitting here when he comes home for lunch, because I was sitting in front of the computer when he left after breakfast.  So some have been printed and others not.

Yesterday I was afraid the printer would choke with all the paper I ran through it!  After printing the writings, I then had to go through and print the comments, because to save paper I don't actually print the page you are reading.  Another mass of mess came spewing from the printer.

Today, before writing about "AgainI Try to Organize".  I printed a copy of the titles, labels and dates of each blog.  Now I will have a notebook of each year's writings with a contents page and the comments made on each blog.  I feel so organized now, woohoo! 

 When writing a blog now, I am a little afraid I might be repeating myself!  Have I written about this subject before?  I was shocked to learn that I tend to write about the seasons, the birds, the tipi, flutes and my creative clutter frequently.  Then again, it might just be another angle to the same topic.  You know I've said before, sometimes writing for me is an outlet, a processing of "something".  When I have finished writing a blog, it is completely gone from my head.  Doesn't mean I won't write about it again, I tend to revisit things or not remember.  Could be the age thing,  okay, that is another blog for future consideration, if I can remember.

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