Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, October 1, 2010


Hard to believe that October is here already, I know I said the same thing about September!  I love the cool mornings, the leaves dancing their last dances in the breeze.  Are they ready for what is coming, do they have any last wishes?  Do they hope for their colors to blaze in the fall sunshine, before they wistfully dance free from their tether and gracefully float to the ground?  Was their journey here difficult, hanging on for dear life when the storms passed through this summer?  Did they thirst for more water when August brought no rain?  Did they delight with the activity of the squirrels and birds nesting on the branches and did the leaves hide the secrets of their nests? 

Are we so unlike the leaves on the trees, needing to dance in the breezes, showing our beautiful colors to the world by the love and caring we have for others?  Do we hang on tightly when the storms in our life blow through, hoping to survive another day?  Do we thirst for more, more love, more compassion, and more understanding.  Do we share our lives with others, providing shelter and keeping the little ones safe from harm. 

Again, I am reminded, we are all related...........   Happy October first!  Wave your colors to the world, be thoughtful and mindful of the storms of others, shelter, care and love all who walk this earth.

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