Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, September 17, 2009

California or Bust, part one

We decided to go to California, a family vacation with horses.  Well, they are part of the family.  We drove the big old motor home and pulled a 16ft. horse trailer.  We took two horses, four kids and all the stuff you need to care for horses and kids for a month.  We traveled with a friend who also had a motor home and a two horse trailer, he was hauling one horse and bringing home two.  His son was also with him.  Total three horses (four horses coming home), five kids and three adults.  Sound fun?

We would stop at rest areas and unload horses, move them around a little and water them and then load them back up again.  Having the horses out was a little frightening, we were so close to interstate highways.  Our friend always allowed his 11 year old to hold his horse, this made me very nervous, I know how quickly things can happen to startle a horse.  So at one rest stop, for some reason, I got to hold this horse.  She was very relaxed and actually laid down to roll in the grass.  When she stood up and shook off I realized the lead strap was over her head.  I let go to reach up and pull it down.  She knew the instant I let go of that lead and took off running!!!  Away from all of us, just strutting around like she owned the world!  I kept saying to the other two holding horses, "hang on and don't let them go with her."  Horses are herd animals and if one is having fun, they will all want to have fun.  Beni (the loose horse) grazed and pranced and grazed some more.  No one could chase her, it would cause her to run more.  So we stood quietly watching.  As quickly as she left, she came back to us.  It probably only took few minutes for all of this to happen.  I have to say it seemed like a lifetime!!!!!   In fact, she was back with all of us before her owner came to join us.  I never questioned the 11 year old holding her again, he did a better job that I did holding that horse.

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