Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finding A Horse

Long before I had my own horse I remember my Dad coming home and telling me that he'd found a horse and put it in the cow pasture.  Well he didn't have to mention it again because I was out the door.  I wonder now if he and my Mother were laughing........

This was the most beautiful horse in the whole world............... and it was in our pasture.  It was wearing a halter and easy to catch.  It was a matter of getting on, he was rather tall for a maybe twelve year old to get on.   I found some baling twine and fashioned a bridle by putting the twine in his mouth, crossing it under his chin and using the rest for reins.  Can you imagine how that twine must have felt in his mouth?

Then I managed to get him close enough to something that I could stand on and swing my leg over to be on his back.  It never entered my mind that this horse had maybe never been ridden.  I had a horse and I was going to ride! 

And ride I did, all over the horse pasture.  I was in heaven, this horse was a gift from the Creator, just for me!  I rode until I couldn't, my legs were not used to hanging onto a horse.  The results of that riding were well known to me the next day when I couldn't walk.  The inside thigh muscles were sooooo sore.

I also found out the next day, the owner of that horse claimed him and he was no longer mine to ride.  And I found out he was a trotter from the local race track, home resting for a spell.  Now you know why my legs hurt so bad.  No saddle, riding a trotter that pulls a cart......  I was clueless about these things, but I know I had a horse for a day and loved every minute, even the next day of pain.


  1. No wonder you found endurance riding so easy! After all those experiences of riding as a child.

  2. Maybe it allowed the kid in me to come out and play again. We did have a lot of fun didn't we? LOL