Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Horse Memory

When I was very young, before the age of 5, we lived in a row of houses in Goes Station, Ohio.  The houses were doubles and we were renting.  It actually was a great place, all of these houses had back yards and a row of old trees in front of the row of houses.  In total there were maybe 5 of these houses.

We lived in the last house.  Being a little girl, I didn't venture far from my own yard.  But one day, clear at the other end, at the last house, a vision came to my eyes.  Someone had come to that house on a white horse.  I watched them for the longest time, they were giving all the little kids that came to see the horse a short ride.  Being very shy then, I slowly got the nerve up to walk all the way to the end house to see that horse.  They were still giving children rides and I waited and waited for them to finish.  When I finally got the nerve to ask for a ride on that beautiful white horse I was told, "The horse is tired and can't give anymore rides."  My heart was broken. 

During my horse career I never refused horse rides to anyone.  Horses don't get tired of giving small children rides.  But the person leading the horse might become tired.  We have always enjoyed the "pony rides" at our house.  I know the joy of sitting on a horse, feeling the horses warmth, being able to see the world from a different height.  It is to be shared with the little ones...........

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